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bullet JesusMadePot on Tuesday 13 June 2023 - 14:47:30
Sometimes if I smoke a lot of weed from certain pipes it burns the back of my esophogus and feels like heartburn. A good pipe or a bong helps. Could be from scarffin down munchies, too.
bullet JeffL on Tuesday 13 June 2023 - 13:52:26
sometimes I think smoking pot gives me heartburn. Anyone else notice that? but like a little wine to fix the water, a tums or two will always do the trick
bullet JesusMadePot on Tuesday 13 June 2023 - 13:17:52
To be honest, I wish I didn't eat those hot-wings, last night. I thought I was up in the middle of the night giving birth...and I'm a man! Hopefully, tonight will be better.
bullet JeffL on Tuesday 13 June 2023 - 11:22:59
wassup jmp
bullet JeffL on Tuesday 13 June 2023 - 08:19:48
Heavenly Father, I thank you for this day in Jesus' name. bless your children, and draw those who seek you to your throne of grace. for your glory, amen
bullet JesusMadePot on Monday 12 June 2023 - 12:18:45
I did that. Tha will be just as good, I think. Thanks. If the owner sees this, I ask that she does include it in the link, if it is fit.
bullet mont974x4 on Monday 12 June 2023 - 10:59:16
External links need to be approved and posted by the owner of C4C. That would be beyond my authority.

However, you are free to start a thread in the legislative reform forum.

I would also suggest to all the members that they are free to post links to politicians websites if they know the person is sympathetic to our cause.
bullet JesusMadePot on Monday 12 June 2023 - 08:11:25
I want to submit a worthy website, but I'm not sure how. Can someone get it submitted for me? It is [link]
bullet JeffL on Sunday 11 June 2023 - 20:42:02
God is perfect
Man is not
man made liquor
God made pot
bullet mont974x4 on Sunday 11 June 2023 - 06:47:28
I pray you all find good fellowship with Him and some local brothers and sisters. I pray that wherever you go you are blessed and have a chance to be a blessing.
bullet JeffL on Saturday 10 June 2023 - 21:38:32
Church starts at 10:00 tomorrow. Hope to see you there. Guarauntee you will be blessed
bullet JeffL on Friday 09 June 2023 - 09:34:35
Praise the LORD!
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good,and his loyal love endures!
Who can adequately recount the LORD's mighty acts, or relate all his praiseworthy deeds?
How blessed are those who promote justice, and do what is right all the time!
Remember me, O LORD, when you show favor to your people! Pay attention to me, when you deliver,
so I may see the prosperity of your chosen ones, rejoice along with your nation, and boast along with the people who belong to you.
bullet JeffL on Friday 09 June 2023 - 09:31:14
I glorify your name. thank you for giving me the gift of life on this day. Let me live this day for you.
bullet JeffL on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 14:19:30
I want to say to my Sisters and my Brothers,
Keep the Faith
When the storm flies and the wind blows,
Go on at a steady pace.
When the battle is fought,
and the victory's won,
We can all shout together
"We have overcome!"
we'll talk to the Father,
and the Son,
when we make it to the promised land.
bullet mont974x4 on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 14:18:52
lol fair enough
bullet JesusMadePot on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 14:18:11
I'm sorry to say that on that day I will not see you.I will be focused on Jesus. Don't worry, if you're there, you won't be worried about me, either.
bullet mont974x4 on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 13:59:40
Amen. One day we will be with our whole family worshipping before the throne of God.
bullet SDubC on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 13:58:17
btw.. I am thankful for all who profess the name of the Lord and Savior. One day we will all be together. This comforts me :)
bullet SDubC on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 13:56:59
Thank you for your encouragement, JeffL. I have been regularly attending church and working through the issues in my past. You speak with the words of the Spirit when you say that we NEED a body of believers to fellowship our beliefs. I believe MJ is a great medicine and can be a great stress reliever, but it definitely can be abused. I just wish the church realized this and strayed from demonizing brothers who occasionally use but do not abuse. Jesus would not have done this.
bullet JeffL on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 10:54:50
No kidding! every time I read John's Revelation by myself, I wind up thinking I'm in babylon and I can't have a driver's license. I thank God for my Pastor, and my church. They keep my crazy idiosyncracies under the umbrella of sound Christian doctrine.
bullet mont974x4 on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 10:45:54
Absolutely, we need brothers and sisters to learn from. We need to have someone to make sure we aren't going off on some wild tangent and we need to be someone to keep others from that same danger.
bullet JeffL on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 10:35:18
Your bringing up a lot of good points. I'll start a thread. But check it out; if you can't find a church where your at, you get your butt out here with me and come to my family's house of worship. I'm serious. Life don't start until your growing with a body of believers. We can't take our Bibles and go figure it out on our own, that's not how the Lord works. We can grow in the Lord here on this webpage, but it is my prayer that someday I will meet you all and shake your hands. And when that prayer is answered, it will be answered in a Sanctuary.
bullet JesusMadePot on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 08:59:46
I do not feel that I have forsakin the asymbly, but have been forsaken by the asymbly for using a plant that is NOT unclean and never was unclean.
bullet JesusMadePot on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 08:57:46
Why then go somewhere that the truth is being rejected? What will that help? I don't have to go to a building to see that. The places that are called churches are just buildings. I need to find my family in Christ. They havn't even accepted black people into the churches, yet, how is a 'dopehead' going to be accepted? If I'm not accepted, than I'm not welcome. If your church has members like me, than I'd be welcome. Too bad I do not live where you live, than.
bullet mont974x4 on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 08:06:57
How can we be light if we don't venture outside?

Trust me, I know how difficult it is and painful but we are not being rejected, the truth is being rejected.
bullet JesusMadePot on Thursday 08 June 2023 - 07:33:16
I can't consider someone a brother if they reject my friendship.I convinced a friend to read his Bible and begin attending church.He disowned me when I told him I use MJ.Last church I went to claimed sainthood and talked about how great his life is cause he does everything God wants.I don't think you understand the degree of predudice around here.Im thankfull for the people Ive met here and on other MJ sites, who profess Jesus.
bullet JeffL on Wednesday 07 June 2023 - 23:36:20
Yeah, but check this out...
When you enter the sanctuary, you come in under the the same authority as everyone else does. It don't take a member's card to enter in. If you believe Jesus is God, You ARE the Church!!! Christ is not divided, and the Church is just as perfect as you and I. Shatter that image, you're a Christian, just as you are believing in Him. And I can garauntee you that the Holy Spirit operates even in that little church on the corner in Mississippi that have their necks shaved up to their ears and dresses down to their ankles. I know you'll find at least one brother there who has an understanding heart, cause he'll have Christ in him. And Christ will be in the midst.
Go to Church and deal wisely, we have to be there. their not enemies, they're brothers.
bullet JesusMadePot on Wednesday 07 June 2023 - 18:22:51
No, I'm in Mississippi. I'm sure people are more open there. I remember going to church in Florida and in Cali with hippies, but not here.
bullet JeffL on Wednesday 07 June 2023 - 16:37:16
speaking of which, I've got to go get ready for Bible study. If your on the west coast, there's still time for you to make it too. God bless and hope to see you there.
bullet JeffL on Wednesday 07 June 2023 - 16:35:39
As spotted and blemished as the church may be, it is still the manner in which God chose to keep and protect His children. Every time I walked away from the church I got lost in the world bad. If your not attending church, start.

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