Wed Feb 6 2002
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Searching for Terrorists We Snare Angels Instead
by Dr. Jay Cavana
a.gif Dr. Jay Cavana, is the national director of the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis, a devoted husband, and father of two teenagers. He also holds Ph. D's in biochemistry and immunology.
Focusing on Focus on the Family's Myths and Facts Concerning Marijuana
by j. wallace
a.gif Dr. Dobson, president and founder of Focus on the Family, is a recognized and respected leader of the modern day Christian community. For many he is the ultimate authority on issues facing the Christian family and his advice is generally followed.
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US NM: Editorial: Legislature Should Pass Marijuana Bills
"Consider, for example, the inconsistency of our expensive effort to combat marijuana use, which is illegal but claims few, if any, lives, while legal tobacco, by the government's own data, kills more than 400,000 Americans every year. It's OK, it seems, for farmers to raise and profit from deadly, addictive tobacco, while ailing New Mexicans, we are told, must be denied prescribed marijuana that could relieve their pain or nausea. "
Albuquerque Tribune (NM) - Courtesy of DrugNews Digest, MAP Inc.
US NY: This Drug Ad A Hard Sell
"It's not the drugs themselves that produce the huge illicit profits. It's the fact that the drugs are against the law.

Change those laws and - snap! Just like that! - those profits will disappear.

You want to blame someone for the drug-terror ties? Blame the politicians who refuse to change America's expensive and counter-productive drug laws."
Newsday (NY) - Courtesy of DrugNews Digest, MAP, Inc
US IL: Column: Drug Warriors - US's Internal Taliban
The Bush administration's war on drugs is a fundamentalist crusade so irrational it resembles the failed jihad of Afghanistan's Taliban.

Just as the Taliban forbid music, kite flying, close shaving and female education purely in the service of religious fanaticism, America adheres to an anti-drug dogma that similarly defies logic. The U.S. and the Taliban may be mortal enemies in the war on terrorism. But in the war on reason, they are soul mates.
Chicago Tribune (IL) - Courtesy of DrugNews Digest, MAP, Inc.

Christian Support for the Repeal of Prohibition:

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From: bs on 1.31.2023 Message: Great to see your site!!!! At last a Christian voice for the truth on this issue. Thankk God!!!!

From: RichardB on 1.26.2002
Message: As a 55 year old Christian and recovering alcoholic and drug addict who has been clean 14+years I would like to say "PRAISE THE LORD"! Since my alcohol and drug treatement program i've used PRAYER & POT,and i believe that "man made whiskey, GOD made POT, GOD is PERFECT, man is not."

From: HarryC on 1.09.2022
Message: I am a devout christian and a college educated RN. In all my years of practice I have seen many patients suffer from illness or injury causing chronic pain and disability. The pain causes the disability and the disability causes unemployment or poor job performance which, in addition to the suffering, causes a loss of income and selfesteem. In acountry with a bill fo rights which states that we have a "right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness." The current drug laws pertaining to the medicinal use of cannibus are based on many political factor which have nothing to do with the actual use of this medication. They have to do with politics and money. Every law-enforcement agency in this country benefits financially, the corperate ownership of prisons benefits from full prisons and cheap labor. The losers are the American people who's tax money goes to support the "war on drugs" to the tune of 30 to 50 billion each year, but the biggest losers are the sick who continue to suffer till their death or buy street "pot" and take a chance on tainted "pot" or arrest and incarceration with very possible seizure of homes and other possessions. The Spanish inquisition did the same several hundred years ago, albeit, the pain was worse and death everpresent but, the victoms did not suffer for years and years. The false statements made, both by the government and anti-drug organizations, indicates to me that they do not trust the public to make sound judgements based upon the truth. According to the bible and our US constitution, we have the right to self-determination as long as we do not encroach upon others rights, but I guess that our att. gen. and drug czar both know more then anyone else, what is right and good for all Americans. GOD HELP US.

From: Joseph of Dronfield, England on 2022-10-22
Message: It surprises me just how many Christians have been smart enough to not generalise when talking about 'drugs' as so many others do, identifying cannabis as one of the seed bearing plants said in the Bible to be put on this earth for us to use. And its uses are evidently multifarious, from marijuana's advantages over alcohol as a recreational drug to its recent use as an alternative source of engine fuel in biodiesel. Whereas alcohol increases potential for agression/violence and is physically addictive, cannabis is a strong 'no' in both cases, only a few citing it as potentially being psychologically addictive. Fibre for clothing, essesntial fats in hemp seeds...the forbidden fruit? I think not. FYI I am a 19 year old British Christian, studying Communication Studies at University and use cannabis recreationally and for sleep problems. Sorry to bore everyone with info you already know, but hopefully anybody uninformed visiting the website will go away knowing something they didn't. Thanks and love to all my brothers and sisters who I share the body of Christ with, Joe

From: david of dsm, ia on 2022-10-10
Message: a combat prayer: In the name of jesus, God is great! In the name of jesus, God; bless, cherish, and protect the spirit of marijuana. In the name of jesus, God; heal the spirit of marijuana. In the name of jesus, God; protect the spirit of marijuana from evil. In the name of jesus, God; confuse, confound, dismay, disrupt, destroy, and completely consume all of our enemies, and all evil; in, on, above, below, beside, and beyond the spirit of marijuana in time, place, space, and thought; forever and ever, beyond-beyond, amen amen. In the name of jesus, God is great!

From: Zachary on 2022-09-30
Message: I am very much in love with the Lord Jesus Christ, and it hurts me to hear people rebuke and condemn me because I like to smoke marijauna. I am just turning 21 and dont know much about the world, but I know about the word of God. We have to stop condemning eachother because of these things, we have to stop and think, has satan used this so that you may falsely condemn me? Or falsely judge me? And you so eagerly do these things, but is it really God inspiring you to do this? I dont think so. Am I seperated from God when I smoke? Of coarse not, with strong faith, physical things cannot take spiritual things. And you say I cannot read a hymn high? Isnt this a sad attempt to make me feal bad? If you are a christian this kind of intention should not be in you, I am always with God, and to say anything other than this is not from God. I smoke, and I have fun, not by sinning, and not by indulging myself with the pleasures of this life. I forget alot of things when im high, but I dont forget who my God is, I become like a child and have innocent fun, if you are to call this a sin, you have to ask yourself, do I sin, or do you by calling me a sinner?

From: chris of oklahoma on 2022-09-18
Message: i love your site. My name is Chris, i am 19 years old and i attend the University of Oklahoma. I am a dedicated christian, raised southern babtist, and also a huge activist against the drug war. My mission in life is to educate people about the problems in the world and especialy about how great God is. You have my full support and anything you could send or let me know about i would be more than happy to pass out around campus.

From: Laura of PA on 2023-08-09
Message: I am so glad to have found this website because before this, all I had been hearing about was christians against marijuana. My older sister was diagnosed with lyme disease at the age of 11 and one of her symptoms was loss of appetite. At the age of 14 she was unbelievably thin and frail from not eating so my father decided to allow her to try marijuana. After that, she was eating more than ever and I consider marijuana a life saver. I am so grateful.

From: Duncan of Japan on 2023-07-30
Message: I am a christian and have been a regular dope smoker for many years. I have often found myself excluded from churches, social groups, bible study groups and so on because I am very vocal about my belief that certain plants were put here by God for a purpose. I do not take drugs that are artificially made, put do take marijuana and magic mushrooms. Its nice to see a site like this, with an open attitude, especially in modern society. BOB MARLEY once told a Canadian reporter "who are you to tell God it aint legal" well said...

From: Ant�nio of Portugal on 2023-04-02
Message: I will write it in my birth language and i hope you have portuguese friends. Fui educado como Crist�o, mas mais tarde vi algo que n�o gostei dentro da intitui��o que me ensinou a seguir Cristo. mas a verdade � que abandonei a intitui��o mas n�o cristo, e do outro lado do oceano vos escrevo para dizer que a planta Cannabis Sativa L. me ajuda bastante a estar ao p� de Ele.

Translated: i have been raised like a Christian, but later i saw something that i dont liked inside the instituition that teacht me to follow Christ. but the truth is that i have abandon that instituition but not Christ. and from the other side of the ocean i wrote to you to say that the grass Cannabis helps me a lot to be by His side.

From: withheld () of , on 2023-04-26
Message: I am so happy to see that this site exists. Tears of joy. Someone standing up for the victims of this cruel and unjustifiable war. Thank you so much.

From: Bliu722002 Wichita, Kansas on 2023-04-26
Message: Wow...I have felt incredibly alone for a long time, because my belief and faith in God were directly contrasting with my deep down feeling that Marijuana was wrong. I know now that it is here for a reason...because God wanted it that way (apparently). With your permission, I intend to link your site to my homepage. Thanks again! Bliu

From: K. of , Canada on 2023-05-09
Message: Jennifer L.G. Wallace, Editor ChristiansForCannabis.Com Your story is almost word for word the same as mine--And I really thought I was all alone. It all began with a tragedy. You can read it from my site. After that God changed my relationship with Teens and some time after that I began to seriously question the "facts" I still home school and I also want to grow but I am afraid of jepordizing my kids.

From: Kyle Pa, USA on 2023-06-22
Message: Wow. I thought I was one of the only Christians on this Earth who saw how wrong cannabis prohibition is. It's great to finally find out that there are many many more. When I found this site I was at an all time low and I was ready to give up on my fight as a Christian to prove that marijuana is actually a beautiful creation of God that should be enjoyed responsibly by humans. Stumbling up this site was truly an answered prayer. Praise God! Good luck with the site!><> k.

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-Paul, Romans 13:9-11

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