All About Saints: lives, prayers and feasts of Catholic saints
Darwin, Evolution, Creationism: debates continue, but is it time to leave the past behind and evolve into a perfect civilization?
Essays, opinions, and news related to judeo-christian faith in America
Travel back in time to ancient Bible days. Discover characters,cultures, places,events,religions and more.
Christian Devoted Worship offers a weekly devotion, a prayer list, articles and writings on devotion, worship, praise, and prayer.
Salvation Truths is about life and living - not dying and going to heaven - but bringing heaven to earth.
A new natural philosophy and method of human integration and creativity is presented. A new understanding of the full human potential is offered. Reasoning, spontaneous drawing movements, and intuition are integrated.
Truth Makes Us Free is about the empowering revelation knowledge of Jesus Christ that overcomes every impossibility.
A study of polytheism in various world cultures, including individual deities, mythology & worship. provides articles, news, book recommendations, and additional resources for gathering, convenanting and reproducing New Testament House Churches.
Bringing religion and science together. Faith-based topics on creation, philosophy, physics, spirituality

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