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Let Us Pay Taxes
Please sign the petition to let marijuana producers and distributors pay taxes

What is this all about?

California is in trouble (again) with its budget. As this is written (August, 2007), there are plans to cut one billion dollars from important rapid transit projects. There are also plans to cut back welfare for the elderly and disabled and to cut back drug treatment programs for prisoners. Cutting back on important programs will simply cause more problems in the future -- with higher demands on the budget.

In order to try to make up the shortfall, the state of California is in negotiations with Indian casinos for a portion of casino revenues. The amount of money to be gained is between $200 million and $500 million per year. However, this battle has been going on for years with no quick resolution in sight -- and it wouldn't fill the budget gap, anyway.

We offer a solution.

The producers and sellers of marijuana offer the state of California at least one billion dollars in additional tax revenue every year -- and nobody is arguing.

What will this do?

  • It can fill the current California budget gap all by itself. No more disputes about what to cut and the legislators can take the summer off.

  • It can fund rapid transit.

  • It can fund welfare for the elderly and disabled.

  • It can fund drug education programs in schools and other drug abuse prevention efforts.

  • It can fund prisoner treatment programs, thus reducing crime and saving even more tax dollars in the future.

  • It will stop needless prosecutions of sick people for marijuana offenses.

  • It can provide for safe and well-regulated medicinal marijuana supplies for the sick.

  • It will stop the transfer of billions of dollars per year to foreign criminal gangs.

  • It will boost local economies.

  • It will get marijuana out of the criminal underground.

  • It can provide for regulations on product quality, content and warning labels, and product liability insurance.

  • It will save billions of tax dollars currently spent on useless criminal prosecutions for marijuana.

  • It will free up police and courts for addressing real crime issues.

  • It will help the balance of foreign trade and boost the value of the dollar internationally.

The Marijuana Producers and Distributors of California make a simple request:


A sensible marijuana policy can make big changes in our society. It can produce a big reduction in government costs and a huge increase in taxes.

Please show your support and sign the petition to Let Us Pay Taxes.

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 The Character of Our Nation
A few videos to ponder and motivate to action. Haven't we had enough?

BushFlash - Rated E for Everyone

TELL THE TRUTH - Rated M for Mature Audiences
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 We're Winning the War on Drugs

Visit the Asylum Streets Spankers
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 Moscow police detain 14 marijuana march activists

Moscow Police Detain 14 Marijuana March Activists

MOSCOW, May 5 (RIA Novosti) - Police in Moscow said they had detained 14 people for attempts to hold a cannabis culture parade in the city center Saturday.

"The detainees attempted to stage an unauthorized event, and were promoting narcotics," a spokesperson for Moscow's Interior Department said, adding that administrative cases could be opened against them.
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Dr. Limonov's Advices on Surviving Russian Interrogation

When detained, you shouldn't talk to them without presence of lawyer. Remember that: at first hours and first days of detention you will be most vulnerable: surrounded by policemen, frightened, so you will easy to deal with. Anything you say will be later used to destroy you or your friends. So, don't talk, don't sign anything. Wait for the lawyer.

Almost sure you will be beaten, when detained. The very degrees of beating will depend on crime which you suspected to commit. If you are suspected of committing homicide, you will be severely beaten, in order to force you to confess. In Russian law system confession is very important. You should manage do not confess for three days, afterwards you will be released or will be transferred to prison. In prison during investigation you will not be beaten, they will use other means of influence on you. That because, when in prison, you will be under charge of two administrations: prison administration and team of investigators. Each will not be interested to bear responsibilities for your injuries and hematomes.
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