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What is the purpose of this website?
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Thu Feb 02 2006, 05:14
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Good. See ... that ended OK now, didn't it? :-)

Jini, by your "style" I also meant your bedrock faith, calm caring nature, and genuine sense of humility and sharing. (Like all your prayers and support whilst I was a guest of the state.) You came to this subject without anything to prove except the truth - that's certainly inspired me from the beginning. You go girl!
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Mon Feb 06 2006, 10:22

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For decades, NORML stood alone for this cause. Without NORML, drug policy reform would probably be virtually non existent. When I was faced with the daunting task of being interviewed by Bill O'Reilly, which I declined, Keith generously gave tips to a nobody like me.

Years before that, before there was a ChristiansForCannabis.Com, when I was offline and needed info to finish positional papers that I sent to major Christian organizations, again, as a complete nobody, was able to speak to Allen St. Pierre directly and not only did he send me the info I needed, he sent it straight out and I think he even Fed Ex'ed it.

NORML has more than earned my respect, recognition and honor for their tireless, and mostly thankless efforts, for what is commonly viewed as an unworthy cause on behalf of the millions of cannabis users that face the risk of criminal charges everyday.


The meaning of the domain name means Christians for cannabis as opposed to Christians against cannabis. The purpose of this site has never been to promote the religious use of cannabis, or cannabis as a sacrement. The role of cannabis in Christianity is inconsequential. The only 'sacraments' in Christianity are Baptism and The Lord's Supper and even those are not recognized by many as sacraments per se. The purpose of this site has been to:

-Defend all cannabis users, Christians and non-Christians alike against the criminal judgement and social marginalization that has been imposed upon them by government, society and most unfortunately the Christian community.

-Let cannabis users know that the condemnation of cannabis use is not from God

-Inform all visitors as to the true status of the illegal criminal prohibition of cannabis and war on drugs as well as various other political and cultural issues that affects them.

-Direct visitors to the organizations that are actively working to change the laws and encourage their participation.

-Provide necessary resources for individuals to research everything from reform and laws in other countries to how to pass a drug test.

-Provide a community for the lost to be found, the rejected to find acceptance, the discouraged to find hope and encouragment, the weak to find strength and whatever other assistance that can be offered to site members by site members.

CforC has progressed to a new level by the opening of this membership based site at the latter end of September. There were only 13 members before this membership site went live and new registrations have come in at a steady pace. As the site continues to grow and develops committed members, it is my hope that participation will increase - there will be moderators to oversee the forums, someone will be responsible for posting alerts, someone with editorial experience will assist in putting together correspondence, and a web design guru will make CforC the cutting edge site that I would like to see it be and so on.

And this will all happen, but in the Lord's time. For now, what visitors will find here on this site and in these empty forums is the sincere desire to get the truth out to the masses and to do whatever good work we are enabled to do to change the laws that make the use of cannabis a crime.

love and peace,

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Sat Feb 18 2006, 11:07
Thanks for setting up this site. I think it will be a useful tool for His glory.

I look forward to hearty discussions as we grow as a body of believers and encourage and challenge eachother to get to the root of the Word.
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Tue Apr 18 2006, 01:40
I have been here to visit a number of times. I wonder why there is not a link to cannabis in the bible. How can we co-ordinate a campaign to Christians to normalize and endorse the moderate use of cannabis?
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Tue Apr 18 2006, 02:03
Welcome to the site. Please visit and post as often as you wish.

I think the basic point we can make is that cannabis is a plant. As a plant it is made by God and is therefore good. Once we can discuss and agree on that point then we can move on to other issues. Just look at the creation account.

Some typical arguments I can think of that we need to be prepared for:

1. As Christians we are required to obey the laws of the land. Many states have medical marijuana laws but federal laws are still against it.

possible response: We believe the laws are unjust and are working with organizations to promote just drug laws.

2. Our bodies are temples and need to be treated as such.

possible response: True our bodies are temples. Does that mean we are to not use any medication? I believe it is better to use natural medicines than madmade medicines whenever possible.

3. What about addiction?

possible response: Anything can be addictive. We must use common sense and self control in regards to anything. 1 Cor 6:12 covers this.

Also, look at 1 Cor 8 on a proper way to handle these things. We need to be careful to not be a stumbling block. This requires open and honest communication so we know where our brothers and siters are at on the issues.
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Fri Apr 28 2006, 12:30
if your mission is truely to educate people you need to open the forums. this weblink obviously draws attention, and it would definitily help the cause. just choose moderaters carefully, and it can still uphold the ideal of a chrisitan site.
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Fri Apr 28 2006, 12:31
also in response to not harming your temple verse. there is another verse that says the only way to harm the temple is through sexual deviance. not sure of the verse though. please make your forums public. if christians were introduced to criticle thinking about our governments policy it would be monumental.
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Fri Apr 28 2006, 04:37
That's a good suggestion, I'm sure the boss will read it in the next day or so and respond. I can't make that call.

As to the temple issue? I think you're right, but will have to research it a bit more. My understanding was that sexual immorality was the main issue. In light of 1 Cor 8 and 10 I think as long as we handlie these areas that many consider to be gray (alcohol, marijuana, for examples) in ways that honor God and giving thanks and don't create stumbling blocks for other people then that is the correct handling.
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Thu May 11 2006, 10:40
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As far as I know, all the forums are open. Don't you just have to register - as at any site?

My take on the discussion -
a. Since this is Gini's house - she can build it however she wants. We respect that she has made the effort especially in light of the survival demands on her.

b. For me, despite its size, she and this site are a breath of fresh air that I hope continues to waft through for decades to come.

c. Gini's response re: mj and spirituality was superb. As a disciple, my use of mj is not ultimately relevant to my relationship with the Father or Jesus Himself. I simply appreciate and enjoy it as I do chocolate or sex I find it helps me to access thinking and emotional patterns that I otherwise would not which I appreciate - as a good conversation with a friend would do the same. All are blessings.

I think Gini's point is well taken - the focus is related to the teaching and submission to Christ. This is NOT to in any way denigrate any other teaching, spirituality or person (which would be contrary to Christ) but simply is what it is.

All are welcome and hopefully they come in simplicity, peace and hope.

My desire for Ferre and his friend is that they begin their own Christians for Cannabis type of site; however, I would highly recommend that they first become acquainted with Jesus Christ - it does work better that way. If their interest is simply religion and spirituality, that is great - but that is a different issue. Hopefully they will have the humility and grace to understand those who have submitted themselves to Christ as they would wish from the same.

Lastly, a critical issue for Christians is that the major community that is keeping the hideous violence against the psychoactive community in place and at full throttle is the so called christian community - this includes the Roman Catholic organization and the many evangelical denominations as well as independent churches. Therefore, this site and the community that will join to it are specifically gearing up (when the time is right) to fight the good fight and release brethern from the bondage they are currently in. Not necessarily to use mj - BUT to cease their advocacy of stealing, killing and destruction and enter the work of the Peacemaker - for these are the sons of God.

It is also to give shelter to those who have submitted their lives to Christ, find mj to be helpful and don't feel condemed by the Lord but are confused because they are constantly attacked by their brethern. Here they can find support and then understanding and strength to renew themselves and know that if they have submitted themselves to Jesus Christ and He has allowed them to participate in this part of the creation, they have full right to do so. I note that God never gave authority to the government over His creation. This is the usurpation of Satan and it would behoove us not to let the devil rule our lives through his lives but let Jesus rule our lives through our submission.

Love does no hurt to its neighbor,
Peace, In Christ,

[ Edited Thu May 11 2006, 10:47 ]
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Saved Sinner
Thu Jun 01 2006, 01:55

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I love this site just as much as I do THCMinistries. I have to say that ChristiansForCannabis has a sound that describes me. We as "true Christians" do our best to do what is right and support each other the best way we can. We also are in support of the cannabis community by doing what we can, the best way we know how, to help. Also because some of us are the cannabis community.
I am personnally open to your suggestions. We need those that are strong fighters, like Ferre, to show us what knowledge we need to do our parts as oppressed Christian marijuana consumers to help in this battle against Christian and non-Christian marijuana users.
I hope this website grows into a place where Christian marijuana refugees can go to meet others like themselves. I hope non-Christians will come to this site to give us the tools and ideas we need, without criticizing us for our faith. Most of us will go to thier websites and support them.
I personnally have decided that I would like to see this website grow into a full-time community. A place where all MJ users can come to find a family. I will do my part by leaving CforC on my monitor. I would like to see a live chatroom, someday.
Weather you are Christian or not, I ask that you support us. If you have suggestions that will help us in the fight againts MJ suppression, please do not keep it a secret from us. If you think you have ways of improving things, most of us are open to self-improvement, but in order to win we are going to have to stand together.

Jesus Made Pot!
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