Thu May 2 2002
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"Its a pretty sad state of affairs that sins are determined by whomever has the loudest voice. As a christian pot smoker, I applaud your site. Its about time we had a voice, and I thank you very much for your efforts! Great work and God bless"
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DrugSense Focus Alert, May 23rd, 2023 - Taliban's Tyranny No Problem For Anti-Drug Aid
by Mark Greer, MAP Inc.

Taliban's Tyranny No Problem For Anti-Drug Aid ------- PLEASE COPY AND DISTRIBUTE -------

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The moral bankruptcy of the drug war was highlighted again last week as US officials announced that the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan would be receiving about $43 million in anti-drug funds for forcing farmers to abandon opium crops that had previously been tolerated.

As columnist Robert Scheer pointed out in the Los Angeles Times (below), the Taliban has created one of the world's most repressive governments. Women have been effectively stripped of all rights in Afghanistan, and leaders have caused other recent international uproars by destroying ancient Buddhist statues and announcing that religious minorities will soon be required to wear identification tags.

But all this can be forgiven by the Bush administration, because these totalitarians are allies in the drug war. US leaders and the Taliban are also aware that farmers who had been growing opium will likely starve, but aside from expressing mild regret, they are doing nothing to change the situation.

Please write a letter to the Los Angeles Times to express outrage that the drug war is again being used as an excuse to support cruel oppression.

US CA: Column: Bush's Faustian Deal With The Taliban

Mark Greer, is President and Executive Director, of MAP, Inc.

In 1996 Greer formed The Media Awareness Project (MAP) Inc. d/b/a DrugSense a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. This unique organization is comprised of a nationwide network of volunteer activists dedicated to spreading honest and accurate information on all aspects of drug policy to the media, policy makers, and the public.



Please post a copy your letter or report your action to the sent letter list ([email protected]) if you are subscribed, or by E-mailing a copy directly to [email protected] Your letter will then be forwarded to the list with so others can learn from your efforts and be motivated to follow suit.

This is VERY IMPORTANT as it is one important way we have of gauging our impact and effectiveness.

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