Friday, October 24, 2022

Letters: Shame on you
Dear Sirs-
You guys are lost and a mockery of our Lord Jesus
Christ teachings.May god have mercy on you for leading
people astray.

Satan has deceived you.Wake up before it is too late
and ask for forgivness.If you were working Gods in
your life you would not be concerned about drugs but
rather people's souls.You are leading them straight
to Hell.Alcohol and drugs are as witchcraft and those
who indulge will not see the kingdom of God.Shame on
you for using christianity to promote your addictions
and agenda.Satan is using you as a tool to promote
witchcraft for he knows his time is short.


We are gravely concerned for people's souls. We are weary of seeing people like you rejecting and wanting to put otherwise law-abiding, hard-working, tax-paying, society-contributing adults in jail for doing something you are barely aware of, due to man-made laws based on out and out lies for something that has never been condemned by God. Marginalizing the subculture, labeling them as criminals, robbing these people of their peace, years of their short life on this earth by incarceration, and even more importantly, their opportunity at eternal life all due to your scripturally invalid position.

By biblical policy, God allows punitive government only under certain circumstances. It is not until one damages another's person or property that he can be punished. The drug policies that the Christian community has worked to put into effect and continue to support do not follow the scriptural model of punitive justice and therefore violates biblical policy and are in disobedience to God's word. It is not the gospel of Jesus Christ that condemns these people needlessly, slanders their name, causes them harm on earth and risks their salvation by causing them to reject the gospel. People full of ignorance, apathy and fear concerning this issue as you have just represented are the ones that condemn and cause the harm by negligently supporting these unjust laws.

God created cannabis, declared it good and gave it to man. Further in Genesis God gives Noah everything that moves to eat and reaffirms his gift of the green plants. Is cannabis bad and God a liar? Would God who sacrificed his only son give His children on earth bad gifts? As a righteous God can He give evil gifts? Is he out to trick or deceives in the hopes we will make a mistake? Of course not, that is why Jesus died, to remove all the obstacles from the cross.

Did Jesus say it was went into a man that defiled him or that which comes from the heart. Didn't Paul tell us that in Colossians that the rules of 'taste not' 'touch not' were destined to perish with use because they were based on human commands and teachings? Did you not understand that it is just as Paul says that these rules have the appearance of wisdom but only do great harm and does nothing to control fleshly desires? Not only is the harm of this world - loss of job, loss of freedom, loss of family, shamefully causing the loss of life, shedding innocent blood, making in many cases the harm eternal. This is what we can expect when we add more to God's word, calling a sin what God does not call a sin, putting good for bad and bad for good, and overstepping our authority by demanding punishment for something God does not demand punishment for.

I genuinely hope you will surrender your knee jerk reaction to this issue, check through some of the resources on the FAQ - page and pray for Jesus's will to overcome yours on this issue.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2022

TheOoze - Detoxing from Church by Jason Zahariades

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Friday, October 17, 2022

DrugSense Weekly Featured Article: What Do Rush Limbaugh And Narco News Have In Common? - By Stephen Young

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Cannabis and Driving - An Ignored Study
Australia: No Proof Cannabis Put Drivers At Risk

Studies had found it impossible to prove cannabis adversely affected driving, an Adelaide University researcher said yesterday.

Professor Jack Maclean, director of the road accident research unit, said, while there was no doubt alcohol affected driving adversely, that was not the case with marijuana.

"It has been impossible to prove marijuana affects driving adversely," he told the Australian Driver Fatigue Conference in Sydney.

"There is no doubt marijuana affects performance but it may be it affects it in a favourable way by reducing risk-taking."

cont'd @
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Thursday, October 16, 2022

Prescription Pot by George McMahon & Christopher Largen

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Tuesday, October 14, 2022

US CA: DA reviews fatal police shooting

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Thursday, October 9, 2022

Arnold Optimistic On Budget Crisis

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US NC: Editorial: Solve Prison Crowding

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Tuesday, October 7, 2022

US MI: Judge May Yet Be Ousted

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