Is Anyone Listening? - Cops Say To Legalize Drugs
BEHIND BARS - Let those dopers be

A former police chief wants to end a losing war by legalizing pot, coke, meth and other drugs

* LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

* Sheriff Bill Masters

* Harry Is Home

* Police Officers For Drug Law Reform
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 Response to Radar Magazine Online - Jesus Saves, Dude
Radar Magazine Online's - Jesus Saves, Dude

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the recent coverage at Radar Magazine Online. ChristiansForCannabis.Com is the effort of one part time volunteer, that is also a full time wife and mother of five, three teens 18, 16 and 15 and two pre-teens, 12 and 10. A large portion of my time is spent instructing, refereeing, driving, grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking, as well as waiting for my turn on the computer and dial up connection, probably in that order. I spend more time keeping people out of the refrigerator than I do searching it. In fact, I don't search it at all, I do all the shopping so I know what is in there.

While I am not always pleased with the amount of time I am able to spend on the CforC site, I am encouraged that God honors even my less than stellar efforts, like being mentioned by Radar Magazine Online. With little time and virtually no funds to invest, the site is graciously hosted by Drug Policy Central,, after four years, some one still finds it of interest in some way or the other bringing the issue of drug policy reform to the screens of those that may not come across it at all, encouragement to those that have been marginalized by society due to current drug policies, and the focus on the stellar efforts of those that can commit a full time effort, though not without sacrifice such as, Mark Greer, Richard Lake, Matt Elrod and Ashley Clements of the Media Awareness Project,, Kevin Zeese, Robert Field and Doug McVay of Common Sense For Drug Policies, and Cliff Shaffer of the Shaffer Library of Drug Policy,

I look forward to the day in the not so distant future when there will be no need for a Christian drug policy reform site and those that have brought the drug policy reform movement so far on so little will be able to make even greater contributions to the issues that present true harm to our society.

love and peace,
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 From The Net
Oreo Expose - The Chicago Tribune

"Moments after a person eats an Oreo or any other sweet, the brain's pleasure centers release opiatelike compounds--chemical cousins of morphine. The result bears similarities to addiction, though many researchers say it is more like turning on a built-in craving."

The Open Door Community Church

A church where

* Community is at its core
* Experiencing God is the focus of corporate gatherings
* We recognize our brokenness and carry our wounded
* Gifts are recognized and incorporated in the life of the community
* Evangelism is redefined, and is a primary value in the life of its people
* Being in "The World" is more important than being In Church
* We feed the poor
* The arts are recognized for the power they wield in communicating a message
* Questions are encouraged
* Belonging is instant
* We serve the Kingdom of God

On Rock Ministries

* Food Bank
* Open Arms Cafe
* The Vault Drop In Center For Teens
* Music Ministry

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