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Tuesday 18 October 2022 - 09:58:24

Oreo Expose - The Chicago Tribune

"Moments after a person eats an Oreo or any other sweet, the brain's pleasure centers release opiatelike compounds--chemical cousins of morphine. The result bears similarities to addiction, though many researchers say it is more like turning on a built-in craving."

The Open Door Community Church

A church where

* Community is at its core
* Experiencing God is the focus of corporate gatherings
* We recognize our brokenness and carry our wounded
* Gifts are recognized and incorporated in the life of the community
* Evangelism is redefined, and is a primary value in the life of its people
* Being in "The World" is more important than being In Church
* We feed the poor
* The arts are recognized for the power they wield in communicating a message
* Questions are encouraged
* Belonging is instant
* We serve the Kingdom of God

On Rock Ministries

* Food Bank
* Open Arms Cafe
* The Vault Drop In Center For Teens
* Music Ministry

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