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12/02/2004: "well said"

"My personal view is that a plant that
can provide nutrition, fiber for rope and clothing,
essential oils, health benefits, and celebration all in
one is a miracle."

- from The Reasons to Support Drug Law Reform found @

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[email protected]">ghettochemist said @ 12/07/2023 03:33 PM CST

that is the best f*ing thing ive heard for a long time, its full of wisdom like whats written under the lid of the rizla packets (my preference:- kingsize silver slims - less paper the better)

Mark Bryan said @ 12/14/2004 08:44 AM CST

Given the 50,000 uses of the Hemp plant,(Ezekiel;34:29-KJV,and it's known uses for Biomass energy,food,shelter,and paper currency,while the rest of the world suffers under the Mark of the Beast,the woman(church)Rev.;12:6 will be NOURISHED for 31/2 years!Thanks to our Lord & Saviour Jesus,we have a way out!The KEY is Hemp Technology!!!

Mark Bryan said @ 12/17/2004 09:20 AM CST

By using Hemp Technology,the church can exploit the one WEAKNESS of the Mark of the Beast,the PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY! Without it,the Petrochemical Industry is totally USELESS!We must try to educate as MANY Christians as possible on this matter,and save as many of them as possible! Our future and SALVATION depends on it!What do you think?!

Mark Bryan said @ 12/17/2004 09:26 AM CST

OOPS! I meant to say that the Mark of the Beast would be USELESS without the Petrochemical Industry!Oh well NOBODY'S perfect!

you guys suck said @ 02/24/2005 12:04 PM CST

you guys suck and don't make any damn sense and you are christians who believe in this stupid cannibis you stupid christians who like getting high. you and your big theories and words, you should go to hell for that and i really mean it, i am bored and decided to discriminate against you cause i am a christian and you guys are a disgrace to the word christians/christianity for saying that cannibis is good so go suck on your boyfriends good day.

[email protected]">you guys suck said @ 02/24/2005 12:12 PM CST

it's me again and i bet mary was pretty desperate and wasn't a virgin at all but said she was so it wouldn't ruin her "perfect holy" reputation with being the mother of Jesus. That is raping anyways and didn't god rape her if he is the father he is like how old, that is wrong. Poor mary but do not get me wrog i think jesus is cool and he rox my purple sox.GO JESUS!!!

Josh said @ 03/14/2005 03:58 PM CST

Don't you think you should include or in your links section?

Mark Bryan said @ 03/20/2005 09:57 PM CST

O.K. Here's my REBUTTAL. The fact that you IGNORED what was posted about the hemp plant SHOWS how much you're a LIAR and deciever. I have NO concern what you have to say,because you offer NO PROOF.Therefore I would GLADLY CHALLENGE you to a debate,IF you're brave enough.

Mark Bryan said @ 03/21/2005 10:02 AM CST

Here's my first shot. Be SURE and read the challenge!

Miracle Plant, Indeed! said @ 03/27/2005 08:13 PM CST

Cannabis sure is a miraculous plant - you can relax with it, feel better with it, work with it, party with it, laugh with it, cry with it - heck - my life has improved in so many ways since I met Sister Mary Jane.
PEACE, Cannabrothers and Sisters!

mary jane said @ 04/25/2005 08:31 AM CST


lauren said @ 04/26/2005 11:20 AM CST

yeah well cannibis is just a stupid fuckin drug and it is disrespectful to use it as a christin thing and you guys sicken me and God will spite you, he will SPITTE YOU ALL mwahahaha.

Lauren said @ 04/29/2005 08:39 PM CST

Ok yeah whatever i just liked saying that shut to you guys but it's pretty funny that Christians are for drugs

Abortion and the Cannabis Counterculture said @ 04/29/2005 10:58 PM CST

OK, Christians for Cannabis - I get it. So what are your views on the murder of innocent preborn babies?

Mark Bryan said @ 04/30/2005 11:05 AM CST

OK Lauren,do you have any FACTS or SCRIPTURE to back up your claims? And who are you to judge? IT IS WRITTEN:Judge NOT,lest YOU be judged,for whatsoever mete YOU judge,you SHALL be judged! I've already posted a website that PROVES that this SACRED HERB is NOT a drug PERIOD!!!! You don't believe me?! Then check it out OTHERWISE SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE! Here's ANOTHER link to UP the CHALLENGE!!!

Mark Bryan said @ 05/13/2005 09:37 AM CST

It says connection refused.

Lauren said @ 05/27/2005 02:26 PM CST

omg, jeesh i was bored so i decides to discriminate and say that stuff ok i'm sorry whoa don't spaz and have a heart attack

Mark Bryan said @ 05/28/2005 10:54 AM CST

No problem,I thought I might help you out and get you to see the truth!

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Lauren said @ 06/10/2022 12:39 PM CST

So does anyone know where i can gets ome free cannibis, and what kind of tree or plant does it grow on, i am curious

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