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10/12/2004: "Letter: Questions???"

Dear CforC,

I am a 100% believer in the savior of my soul by the blood that Jesus shed for us as the ultimate sacrifice, and through Him we can have eternal life. I have never doubted this for one second. Being of a Non-Denominational background, I find myself questioning this idea that smoking pot can be justified. I smoke pot myself, and find an organization like yours very intriguing. The major issue I have is how your organization justifies cannabis usage by the verses that state in short we should utilize all the green things of the earth that bear fruit. How does this not apply to such things as the ever so troublesome Opium Poppy, which as we all know also has beneficial uses? We all know heroin is a terrible drug, like a death wish on those who tinker with its devilish grasp. I have met people with similar beliefs as your own, that say heroin and cocaine are simple perversions by the devil. Seems like the grasping of a hypothetical loophole seeing as how the bible is left to much interpretation. I question my own integrity every time I smoke. I question my devotion to Him. The thing is, I smoke and I read. I enlighten myself to many things and His word is on my mind at all times, with much time credited to His Word. I understand my beliefs more and more everyday, and I owe it to a simple weed. Not a person in this world could take credit for it. I agreed to my Christianity as a kid, just typical of the faith a child has. As an adult my faith obviously has more variables. Such as, prove it, show me, I can t believe my eyes, let me see that again, I m going to have to look this up, and so on. So, I need some concrete evidence. I need more scriptural references. Show me, prove it, I ll believe it when I see it&&teach; me, that s all I m asking. I can accept this idea, I can teach this idea, I can believe this idea, enlighten me! As I sit in my bedroom with several friends and talk about my savior Jesus, and what I believe, and how they can have this very same thing, I can t justify our reason for sitting there smoking pot while doing so.

Love in Christ,



Dear Joshua-

Thank you for taking the time to write and my apologies for the tardy response. I hope the words I send you here bring enough instruction that you should have peace, regardless of what you decide.

When I first started this quest, my efforts were not to justify pot smoking, but to justify my own position of supporting the criminalizaton of cannabis use. After much time in study and prayer, and receiving many confirmations from wide and varied sources, I finally accepted that I could not justify my position according to God's word and changed my mind. The act of using cannabis should not be a criminal offense and our support, be it out of ignorance, as mine was, or how weak the passivity of our support may be, can not be justified and we are accountable for the tragic results of our misguided, though sincere efforts to do what we think is right.

In reference to your own consumption, first you must be fully convinced in your own mind that what you are doing is right or wrong. To be double minded is a sin itself. I also encourage you to examine the fruits of all your efforts. That which bears good fruit, that is in align with God's will, pursue with all that you have. That which bears no fruit or bears bad fruit, I say to reject from your life and bring your thoughts and actions in line with God's word and God's will.

Again, thank you for your time and sincere questions. Be encouraged that those that hunger for righteousness will be fed.

love and peace,

Replies: 7 Comments

[email protected]">for joshua said @ 10/19/2004 12:59 AM CST

i too lament to the same song as our internet friend joshua.
i was wondering if it were possible to send a correspondance to him?
i am curious of two things:
1-what is his age?
2-what did he think of your responce to his inquiry?
conejita <

[email protected]">meek_mike said @ 10/22/2004 07:10 PM CST

Sorry I posted so much. Stoners. Huhhhhh.

Rev. Michael T
Solider for Christ

[email protected]">Please hear this said @ 11/23/2004 01:15 AM CST

Dear Rev. Michael T
My name also is Michael and I am very respectful for your spreading of God's great word. It is a great blessing to others and you shall be greatly blessed. We shall meet in Heaven and celebrate some truely blessed kind buds! Although, unfortunatly I have one problem with your, and many cannabis users, doctrine. I have sent another letter to this web site and God will present it to you through my prayer for you and His good grace. If you do not recieve this message I will state again. Surely marijuana is a good plant, being a herb, and God is very pleased in our respectful considering of it. Although it can be eaten in whole or by infusion in food it shall not be smoked! Please bear with me. Of the Law of Moses the fifth commandment states "Thou shall not kill." This not only means others but also of yourself and all of human life. The act of smoking is a slow death for your body and it can eventually kill you. I learned the hard way by getting mouth cancer. It was only through my faith from many prayers and pleading that I was able to let Jesus into my heart and guide me toward my healing. I have been saved of my cancer, I testify to you, and it pains me to think you might have to learn this way to. This is a half truth of the Devil in that marijuana is good and surely its smoking is justified(his lie). The marijuana is good in itself, but the act of smoking is not! Quite possibly smoke spews from the mouth of the Devil in his laugh! I tell you this not for my sake of a bitterness toward pot smokers but for your sake because I do not want you to sin. Please believe me as your loving brother and this truth given to me by God himself!
I pray you read this message.

Very sincerly and seriously yours, Michael A Sciaba

[email protected]">I get ya but let me rebutel said @ 12/05/2023 12:15 PM CST


I understand your concern about smoking. I too have had cancer but lucky for me it was only in my legs. I had cancer in my legs when I was 15 years old before I ever smoked cannabis. At that time I realized that the body dies and just living in this world causes the body to die even faster. Although smoking is harmful to your health there are ways to smoke cannabis and it not be as harmful as most think. For example a Bong is a water filter that takes away the bad elements to smoking. The water makes the smoke pure, kind of like a baptism. You enter in the water as the sinful self then when you come out of the water pure and clean just as smoke through the same process. No matter what enters your body it's actually killing you slowly. From red meat giving high blood pressure to many soda's making you (ok me) fat. Don't even get me started on the lack of benifets to candy. If one was going to take a stance and tell people not to smoke because of helath concerns then the same stance needs to be taken about people driving cars (polution), eating candy (glutteny), eating red meat(heart attack waiting), and drinking coffee (chemical dependancy). But to the world all those are ok. Why is that? It's because all of those are owned by companys that don't care weather we live or die just as long as we give them our money. Concerning the law of moses, I don't live by any rules. I live by my consience which I believe to be the Holy Spirit telling me right and wrong. If I was to try and live up to those rules then what purpose would Jesus have in my life since he freed me and you from having to live up to those laws/rules which no man on earth can live up to. Truly I understand your concern and when you say it was the truth was given to you by God I believe you. The thing is we all are convicted of different things. Since God told you that I would live up to it but I have not been convicted of that and until I am I will keep smoking. Heaven..... I love thinking about that. I will most def meet up with you as soon as I get there and smoke some really really kind bud for as it says in the Bible what we hold true on earth will be held true in heaven. But I made a promise to Jesus long ago that we would have a 1000 year camping trip so we'll have to make it a quick puff so JC and I can hit the trails. God Bless and thanks for replying.

Rev. Michael T
Soldier for Christ and Cannabis

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Aaron Underwood said @ 12/16/2004 05:14 PM CST

I have alot to say and think about after reading this whole column. I am an active smoker and as all fellow christians who smoke do, i question what i do as being right in Gods eyes. I agree with the idea that when marijuana is used for good, such as reaching out to people, that it is not a sin. When put to good use or not being abused i feel it is fine, such as anything. But i must say i disagree with rev Micahel T's main and opening arguments. you quote Genesis as saying that God gave us every seed baring plant as meat. I myself have read that and thought that was the answere to my questions. If you study it deeper than just that you see it is not. He gave every plant as meat for mankind. In the beginning there was no need for eating anything but the fruits of the ground. and it was givin to us as a cheese burger is given to us today. But when sin was introduced into the world things changed. we no longer had the need for seed baring plants for our primary source of food. Thats the whole reason for the New Testament. To relieve us of the laws of the old testament and set us free through the slavation of christ. Even if God meant for every plant to still be good, it says he gave it to us as meat or in other words as food and sustanence. not for our own peronal euphoria. i still feel that reaching out to others through marijuana is great and i applaud all who do this, because everyone alike deserves Gods love. I also feel that it is unclean, you state that is does not stay in your body but it does. thats the point of smoking it, the chemicals such as THC as well as the harmful ones stay in your lungs, blood and mind. No matter the device something is getting into your body, some may healthier than others but do not purify it. I just pray that all are careful when tampering with such things that can easily lead to sin. Although marijuana in itself may be ok, but the results that can come from it are not. This is where my problem lies. on one hand you have the good and the other you have the sin. i have a hard time condeming it but at the same time i can not lift it up either. Be careful my brothers and sisters in christ and may God always be with you and continually challenging you in life.

[email protected]">meek_mike said @ 12/18/2004 09:52 AM CST


I agreee that we as followers of Christ need to be careful over everything that we do. I understand that cannabis is not bad but it does make it easier for evil to tempt us. Thats why we always need to be in control. Not letting our thoughts run rampid through our heads. We all have different reason why we smoke and we all have different idea's about cannabis being clean or unclean. I see the point you make about cannabis being meat and what not but in my belief there are different kinds of food. For example there is spiritual food like reading from the bible. When I smoke I meditate and examine my day and the things I have done during the day. I see that as my spiritual food just as I see I need my biblical spirtual food. I don't think using cannabis is a sin because of what Collosians 2:20-23 has to say. I also don't think it's unclean because eventualy the THC does come out of the body which brings back the scripture Matt 15:17-18. Of course that is my view and may not be yours. I think cannabis has gotten a bad wrap for many years and is still getting that bad wrap which brings the scripture Romans 14:16 to mind. I think cannabis is for mature Christians that can handle thier own thought process and the discipline needed when smoking or using. Everyone that smokes should be careful but never doubt because doubting is in my belief is a form of a spiritual attack from the other side. Trying to get you to question your beliefs and in general confuse us. Cannabis brings out most of the Spiritual nature the Bible talks about kindness, gentleness, peacefulness, etc. So I see it as a good thing for maintaning a positive attittude and positive mood. Sorry if I jumped around or just don't make sense but it's been a long Christmas season and my brain is worn down. I hope I was clear enough to understand. God Bless and I hope everyone is having a great Christmas season.

Rev. Michael T
Soldier for Christ

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