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US CO: Legalizing Marijuana Is No Big Deal To Some
"I used to be against legalization," Reed said. "But there are so many people in jail for what ought to be a minor offense. But I still think pot is one of the worst things for young people, especially if they're in school."

SaferColorado - Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation

Rhode Island
US RI: Marijuana Now Legal For Chronically Ill
Overriding the governor's veto, the Rhode Island House of Representatives voted 59-13 yesterday to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.

US MA: Lawmakers Consider Medical Marijuana
"You don't want to add legal problems to dealing with a serious illness," Mortimer said.

Next Videoblog Contest Announced (Beta)-

The NORML Foundation announces another $500 cash award contest starting January 4, 2023 and ending February 28, 2006. Three notable celebrities have KINDly volunteered to review, judge and award the winners of the NORML Foundation's next videoblog contest:

*Ron Mann (, Canadian documentary filmmaker of popular documentaries such as Grass and Go Further. Ron serves on NORML's Advisory Board.

*Rock band Sara Drive (

*R. Keith Stroup, Esq. (, NORML's founder, member of the Board of Directors of NORML and the NORML Foundation, and currently Of Counsel

The requested theme and tag words for this beta phase of NORML's videoblog contest are:

Theme = Parody of the US government's infamous Partnership for a Drug Free America commercials.*

Tag Words = 'norml', 'normlvideoblogcontest' 'pdfacontest', 'pdfaparody', 'partnership foradrugfreeamericacontest'

For more information about NORML's videoblog contest checkout:

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