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    The World Health Organization released a study in March 1998 that states: "there are good reasons for saying that [the risks from cannabis] would be unlikely to seriously [compare to] the public health risks of alcohol and tobacco even if as many people used cannabis as now drink alcohol or smoke tobacco."

    Source: Hall, W., Room, R. & Bondy, S., WHO Project on Health Implications of Cannabis Use: A Comparative Appraisal of the Health and Psychological Consequences of Alcohol, Cannabis, Nicotine and Opiate Use, August 28, 1995, (contained in original version, but deleted from official version) (Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization, March 1998).
    In government we trust...
    27 Feb : 08:27  by c4cadmin
    Government Legal Protection
    US CA: Grover Family Busted for Medical Pot

    The police report was completed with no mention of the suspects'
    medical status or the phone call to Dr. Denney. Lt. Brian Thomas
    maintained that "no medical documentation was provided to the arresting
    officers at the scene," although he does not deny that a phone call was made
    to "someone claiming to be a doctor."

    Cop Out - Grover Beach police officer Brian Thomas was no hero

    "During a search of Thomas�s Nipomo residence, sheriff�s investigators collected a variety of items, including computers and boxes of pornographic material. According to sources close to the case, sufficient evidence was gathered at the home, and from victim interviews, to justify at least two felony charges. Sheriff�s Sgt. Ron Hasty, supervisor of detectives, declines comment on the Thomas investigation other than to say, �We�re still closing up a few loose ends.� But others familiar with the probe say the charges would have included child molestation and bestiality."

    "Six days before Christmas, allegations of �physical and sexual abuse� were reported to the SLO County Child Protective Services (CPS), a division of the county�s Social Services Department. According to the sworn affidavit, ten days passed before that agency notified the sheriff�s department of the allegations. Social Services director Lee Collins says abuse cases involving a minor are handled either on an �immediate response� or a �ten-day response� basis. CPS waited ten days, though the reasons for that remain unclear. Laws protecting young victims of sexual molestation prohibit Collins and CPS officials from discussing the Thomas case. Some sources familiar with the subsequent investigation say the victims traveled out of state as soon as the allegations were made, but that cannot be confirmed. It is clear, however, that the sheriff�s department waited 12 more days before launching an active investigation."

    The Government and Money

    The 2-Party Machine: Global-Corporate Economics, Depopulation, & Profit

    The Government and Our Children

    Boot camp video shows beating of boy who died next day

    "They picked on him so much until they murdered my baby," Mrs Jones said. "Martin didn't have a chance. I couldn't stand to see ... my baby like that."
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    Need to Know Info to Pass On
    31 Jan : 23:11  by c4cadmin
    National ID Cards and REAL ID Act

    Electronic Privacy Information Center on National ID/REAL ID

    REAL ID Act of 2005

    H.R.418 - Passed in the House, Going Before the Senate
    H.R. 1268 - Passed and Enacted for emergency supplement appropriations for rapid implementation of
    REAL ID.

    REAL ID News

    FAQ - How Real ID Will Affect You
    Could include fingerprint and retina scans

    National uniform driver's license law 'nightmare' for states

    Former US spy slams UK's ID card plans[
    "Governments abuse their power. That's a fact," says former
    NSA agent

    EU ministers approve biometric ID, fingerprint data sharing
    "Europe's biometric visa system, which will contain the fingerprints
    of 70 million people within the next few years, and hearing
    European Commission proposals for greater sharing of fingerprint

    The Dangers of DataMining

    Electronic Privacy Information Center on Choice Point

    Choice Point - "One Stop For Mind Boggling Power"
    Selling your information to four markets - insurance, business, government and thieves.

    "At Privacy International's Big Brother Award ceremony held in
    Cambridge, MA on March 7, 2023, ChoicePoint received the
    "Greatest Corporate Invader" award "for massive selling of records,
    accurate and inaccurate to cops, direct marketers and election
    officials." At Privacy International's Big Brother Award ceremony
    held in Seattle, Washington in April 2005, ChoicePoint received the
    "Lifetime Menace Award" for its continued efforts to build dossiers on

    Details -
    -Criminals Gain Access to ChoicePoint Databases
    -Thousands of American's put at risk of security breaches.
    -Selling personal data to identity thieves

    EPIC FOIA Documents from Nine Govermental Agency's
    All Available FOIA Documents @ EPIC on ChoicePoint

    BATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
    DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency
    DOJ - Department of Justice
    (includes a memo discussing a
    "Report of Investigation into Misconduct Allegations...Concerning
    Unauthorized Disclosure of Information.")

    DOS - Department of State
    FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigations
    INS - Immigration and Naturalization Services
    IRS - Internal Revenue Service
    ONDCP - Office of National Drug Control Policy
    USMS - United States Marshals Service
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    Items of Interest
    11 Jan : 09:30  by c4cadmin
    Items of Interest

    Are you a 'bad Christian'?
    Not sure, let the folks over at WorldView tell you.
    People who visit Focus On The Family also visit CforC
    Urban Monestary

    Legislative News

    US CO: Legalizing Marijuana Is No Big Deal To Some
    "I used to be against legalization," Reed said. "But there are so many people in jail for what ought to be a minor offense. But I still think pot is one of the worst things for young people, especially if they're in school."

    SaferColorado - Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation

    Rhode Island
    US RI: Marijuana Now Legal For Chronically Ill
    Overriding the governor's veto, the Rhode Island House of Representatives voted 59-13 yesterday to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.

    US MA: Lawmakers Consider Medical Marijuana
    "You don't want to add legal problems to dealing with a serious illness," Mortimer said.

    Next Videoblog Contest Announced (Beta)-

    The NORML Foundation announces another $500 cash award contest starting January 4, 2023 and ending February 28, 2006. Three notable celebrities have KINDly volunteered to review, judge and award the winners of the NORML Foundation's next videoblog contest:

    *Ron Mann (, Canadian documentary filmmaker of popular documentaries such as Grass and Go Further. Ron serves on NORML's Advisory Board.

    *Rock band Sara Drive (

    *R. Keith Stroup, Esq. (, NORML's founder, member of the Board of Directors of NORML and the NORML Foundation, and currently Of Counsel

    The requested theme and tag words for this beta phase of NORML's videoblog contest are:

    Theme = Parody of the US government's infamous Partnership for a Drug Free America commercials.*

    Tag Words = 'norml', 'normlvideoblogcontest' 'pdfacontest', 'pdfaparody', 'partnership foradrugfreeamericacontest'

    For more information about NORML's videoblog contest checkout:

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