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Drug rehab and intervention
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Tue Apr 28 2009, 06:04
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Drug rehab and intervention go hand in hand if the addict is disinclined. An intervention is when a group of loved ones and/or a trained intervention analyst meets with the person in need of help for the purpose of breaking down their denial circuit and motivating them to immediately look for drug treatment. Often, individuals in the midst of drug addiction engage in a variety of self critical behaviors. Although arcane to friends and family members such people generally either are not aware on a conscious level that they have a drug addiction problem, or even when they know they have a difficulty they may cling to the false belief that the problem will somehow go away all by itself without any external help.
Massachusetts Drug Treatment Centers
Sean Cruz
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Tue Apr 28 2009, 03:19
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and then why should we ascribe to your instruction and "intervention" over and before the instruction and reproof and correction of the written Word of God?

Why should we believe your philosophies over the Word of God?

The LORD is my strength, I will not faint from exhaustion.
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Tue Apr 28 2009, 08:25
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The Word of God is all you need. I would rather have the Holy Spirit convert my soul than man.
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Tue May 04 2010, 01:25
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bare bones minimum of 10 billion dollars each year, given to these who clearly oppose the will of the people as they have spoken at the ballot box:

"Good for you !!! Thank you for all you are doing. I will happily give you my e-mail. It is ... I know that I am exposing myself to those few marijuana users and supporters who have infiltrated this discussion list, but, I, too, am just a parent (and now grandparent) who is passionate about saving this generation of adolescents from the lies and deceipt of people who cannot pass a drug test. I wish you all the luck in the world."

"I am committed to fighting medical marijuana dispensaries and those committed to legalizing it. Just let me know what I need to do. I am in Maryland and we submitted letters to our legislature in relation to a medical marijuana bill. It did not pass this year but they are still considering it for next year. This is a strategic plan on behalf of those who want to legalize marijuana. The plan started a number of years ago with starting to sell hemp clothing, now it is medical marijuana, and the next step is legalizing it. It is all part of the plan to normalize marijuana in main stream society."

"When I hear someone who favors the legalization of a marijuana under the banner of "we all want the same thing to reduce the harm especially to our youth," I feel a bit uneasy. It is a little like saying "we all want to reduce hen house violence so why don't we give the eggs to the foxes? Trying to keep the foxes out hasn't stopped the violence."
As far a marijuana not being addictive, I keep seeing reports and studies that would make the case that it is. I also note the overwhelming data that shows marijuana use being associated with the abuse of other drugs. We can't have this discussion in a vacuum.
By all means, look at different perspectives. Analyze the data offered by each group. Always question the motive of any group. Whose interests do they serve?"

"You are correct,.... Having this "discussion" about legalizing marijuana or any other drug is like sitting down with the tobacco industry and trying to ask them to tell the truth about tobacco."

"Hello to all…..I am the prevention person for the ... in Montana and we are starting to get the pot shops here, also. I would love to be on a national list for HELP and Support"


first and foremost: they refuse to discuss the Scriptures. They refuse to accept the Bible as an authorative word on the subject.
second, they have censored any and all opposing viewpoints from the table, they refuse to recognize that the war on drugs is a war on our own families and citizens.
third, they refuse to treat others who feel different with any measure of respect. They have hate in their hearts towards those who feel different, and lash out in condemnation because of what we believe to be true. They refuse us the right to be free to believe.

here's my response, one they will not even discuss, despite the fact that millions of Americans now feel the same

to the Listserv,
I think pot should be legal, I know freedom isn't free. One cannot convince me otherwise apart from the values and principles I hold to be true. If one does not acknowledge the evidences that burden and compell me, we have little or no opportunity to share in a world view.

In any event, just because I see a need for policy change, doesn't mean I'm the marihuana boogeyman, that God awful monster you people have burned into your mind. It's not me who moves to cause chaos, I do my best to find common ground and work together. And I have to say, you would think the Federal Government would extend that same measure of respect to the States who want laws that reflect community values. Think about how extreme you all have become in your actions.

It's not me that is a marihuana boogeyman, it's you. It is you that is a monster tyrant, a just say no boogeyman; insane, and drunken, and compelled to move in wrath and destruction, waging a war on their own families and citizens.

I would remind all that there is a solid number of individuals who feel they have a right to eat and drink; so many that initiatives get validated and voted on and passed. 15+ years ago it was real hard. Today, I know I'm not alone in feeling pot should be legal, and I also now know that I'm not crazy just because I feel that way.

Maybe your doing the right thing, the wrong way.

God Bless,
Jeff Lucas

The LORD is my strength, I will not faint from exhaustion.
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