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telling my girlfriend about smoking
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Fri Sep 19 2008, 02:47
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Ok so i was born into a "christian" family i use that with quotations because i feel that there are so many christians now days its sorta hard to call myself that and be in the same classifications as some other christians are.

so anyways raised conservative christian and im now living on my own with my older brother and another christian room mate and my girlfriend lives close by. So im kinda tired of hiding it and i sorta feel like what would it be like if i just told them. My girlfriend i mean for the most part what i think is that shes against it or at least not for it. im having a hard time with it if i should tell her as to what she would say to me if they got pissed or what not.

what do you guys think, and have any of you told your families or girlfriends

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Fri Sep 19 2008, 10:14
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Naa; I take the don't ask, don't tell approach here...

Isaiah 10:1 Woe to those who make unjust laws

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Sun Sep 21 2008, 10:29
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it's the Brazen Bull. If you cry out in this pressure, they will perceive you as an "infuriated ox", or in other words, they'll think you're the devil or something.

the Apostle Paul set forward the example to follow concerning this issue in the Scriptures:

These tendencies in the Colossian church Paul set himself to correct in his epistle. The method which he adopts is not so much to demolish error, as to establish the contrary truth, setting before the Colossians the person and work of Christ, Christ the Creator, Christ in whom there dwells not merely some or even much of the fullness of God, but all the fullness of the Godhead bodily; Christ the God of providence, the Upholder of all things, in whom matter and all creatures and all events "consist" and have their being; Christ the Reconciler who has reconciled us unto God through the blood of the cross. In view of truths like these, Colossian error and all other forms of Gnosticism crumble into decay and vanish.

here's a link to that quote from ISBE


whatever you do, make sure it is done under the umbrella of love; deal wisely. I know you're situation is at the foundations of this wall of destruction; it is the severing and destroying of relationships that the devil wants, and that's exactly what happens when this issue comes up. In my experience, EVERY relationship has been destroyed because of the way I feel about this subject. Even if one tended to agree with me, no one would dare to stand with me in this Truth; and that division is enough to destroy, just like the devil wanted.
So just be careful, in a lot of ways it's better just to keep our faith before God and God alone- for the sake of offense, even though the offense is coming from those caught up in the sinful false images that are caused by pot prohibition.

praying for you,
Jeff Lucas

The LORD is my strength, I will not faint from exhaustion.
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Sat Nov 29 2008, 08:05

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When I told my family they got mad at me but realized that I was an adult and could make my own decisions. They also know that I have a very strong faith. But they didn't disown me or tell me never to come home, they told me that they were happy I told them the truth instead of living a lie. I am not ashamed of being a stoner and a christian. That is who I am and if people are unwilling to accept that than that is their choice. My advice would be to pray about it.
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