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TOPIC: re: marital difficulties   (no new comments allowed)
You are in quite a dilemma. Most would tell you to quit smoking cannabis, because we are not to let our consumption of anything cause a brother or sister to stumble. Then there are those that would say that her reasons for disliking you smoking cannabis are unfounded perhaps, and that you should not allow anything come between you and the worshipping of our creator.

Most of your frustration is not over the situation itself, but that you have not become firmly convinced in your own mind as to what the right thing is for you to do. And that in itself can cause more stress If that is the case, a suggested reading is Psalms 119 and then just tell God that most of all you want to please him, not yourself, and his will be done in the situation. Then I would do as the Lord leads you, making up your mind once and for all and then remaining firmly convinced in your decision.

We will be praying for God's best in your situation Bulik.

love and peace,

Posted: 02-26-2002 05:22pm by jini
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