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TOPIC: baptisim   [Add your Comment]
hello, i'm so glad that i'm not alone. i'm glad i found this sight so i don't have to feel like a total freak. thank you. i can't find a church anywhere that does not look down on pot but i want to get baptised a non-denominational (that spelling can't be right)christian. any suggestions. i live in san jose, ca.

Posted: 04-18-2002 07:39pm by farley granger
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Posted 04-29-2002 10:56pm by fatboy
Once you accept Christ you're a member of God's family. You become a CHILD of God, and not just a CREATION of God. By your faith/belief you are justified*(Romans 5:1, 10:10)*

God Bless you brother
Posted 04-29-2002 10:48pm by The GCW
Align your goal. That would include accepting and having a relationship with the promised Holy Spirit of Truth. I testify that You can have the promised relationship with the Holy Spirit of Truth (John 14-16) with out baptism or church.

A church with leaders thinking it is ok to cage a child of God for using the plant cannabis, fails the litmus test. They are stumbling from the very 1st page. They do not and can not have the promised relationship of the Holy Spirit of Truth and simultaneously cage humans for accepting cannabis as described on the very 1st page of the Bible. John 14-16.

The Holy Spirit of Truth is a promise kept!

With or w/o baptism or church, remember to reach for this particular promised relationship and treat it as a goal that you can touch. Then teach others how to achieve and accept the Holy Spirit of Truth.

It’s what to do once your a Christian.

BTW, the only restriction placed on cannabis is to accept it with thanksgiving (1 Tim. 4:1-5. So thank Our Father for it.
Posted 04-21-2002 05:17am by pazley
baptism is an outward symbol of the inward washing of your soul by the blood of Christ, and also a symbol of dying to sin (getting dunked) and being raised to newness of life (coming out of the water). You're a Christian from the moment you ask Jesus to forgive your sins and come into your life (John 5:24 is a good one, Romans 10:9 too). When you get baptised it's like saying "hey world, I belong to God now".

As far as which church you go to to get baptised, look for a church that believes the bible, emphasises prayer, that has good "head" teaching and inspired worship without an over-emphasis on emotion and experience (but doesn't deny them completely), and is a place where you feel comfortable. Look out for any church that denies the trinity or the bodily resurrection of Jesus. If anyone tries to tell you that you have to do anything other than trust in Christ to be saved, beat feet out of there. You can ask for a statement of faith from most any church. Any church that doesn't have one of these would keep me looking for another. Most important of all, pray about it. Ask God to guide you to a fellowship of believers and he will (Matthew 21:22)

Getting baptised in a Baptist church won't necessarily make you a Baptist any more that getting baptised in a river makes you a carp. If you've met Him, then you're called by His name :-)

Personally, I got baptised as a baby Christian in a huge megachurch out of fear because the pastor had me convinced I was in for some Divine hurt if I didn't get it done pronto. About 30 of us showed up for the baptism class, all scared out of our wits. We all put on these big flowing white robes and I felt a bit silly. But you know what, when I stepped into the little pool (sticking out of the wall of the sanctuary about 20 feet up) in front of 3500 people and the dunking guy asked me "do you repent of your sin and receive Jesus Christ as lord and savior?", and I said "yes" and got splooshed under, it could have been anywhere. It no longer felt cheesy, it felt very, very holy.

good luck, bro... I'll be praying for you. BTW, you spelled non-denominational correctly :-)


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