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Hey eveyone, well I am brand new here so I thought that I would start of by saying "Hi" and telling a little about myself.
I am a 36 year old male that lives in Ontario Canada and have pretty much had my head buried in the sand most of these years. Like a lot of people I tried marijuana some as a teenager but that was it. It was only recently when I started smoking cannabis. A few years ago I was involved in a accident, well over the years the pain in my back continued to get worse and worse until about two years ago I was placed on a provincial disability for chronic back pain. Over the years I have been placed on various types of medications....some that worked and many others that did little more then make me very sick. About a year ago now my family doctor retired and no other doctor took over his practice. Where I live there is a very high doctor shortage so finding another doctor has been impossible. On one occasion when I could not get my pills from the walk in clinic, and I was in a very extreme amount of pain, a very good friend convinced me to smoke a cannabis joint with him to help the pain. After mulling it around for a while, the pain finally got the better of me and I agreed. Well, things have never been the same since. While it does not take away all my pain 100% , it reduces it enough to make it manageable and is a whole lot better then some of those pills I have taken over these years. Most of the time the pain is so bad that I seldom leave the house, but when I smoke a joint I not only get out of the house for short walks but I can do a lot more stuff around home. Another thing my pain can do is cause me to become very short tempered with pretty much every one and every thing but after smoking a joint my whole attitude changes and I once again become pleasant to be around. Hip Hip Hooray to Marijuana, now it is my hopes and prayers to see it become legal here in Canada as well as the rest of the world! :)
I look forward to being part of your community here.
Thanks :)

Posted: 04-17-2002 11:58am by TheHardwareTec
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