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Column - Coming Out of the Closet
Editor's note -
It takes courage to admit to consuming cannabis. The risk of losing all we love and own, tends to discourage the practice. Slowly, but surely, people are growing tired. Tired of wearing the criminal label. Tired of living in pain. Tired of living in fear. The following is the first of what is hoped to be many contributions to this column.

Steve Kubby's Probation - Cruel and Unusual Punishment
I believe that sentencing me, when I am medically disabled and suffering from terminal cancer, two conditions that threaten my life, for misdemeanor possession of a mushroom stem and some tiny cactus buttons, not only needlessly endangers me and burdens my family, such a sentence is a violation of my Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment."

Idolizing the Family
I contend here that the Christian church in America today has made an idol of the family. Idolatry can be defined as the act of making a created thing an object of worship. It is no light matter to place any creature in the place of the Creator. Idolatry always takes the gifts of God and attempts to use them specifically to achieve what we want, i.e., to use them for our own comfort and/or power. Take the word "idol" and look up the verses listed under it in your concordance; this will show you how very seriously God views the matter of idolatry. It is not as though we have not been warned. We have and the warnings are heavy. Why is it such an important issue to our Creator-Redeemer? God simply says in Exodus 20:5, "for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God."

The Stones We Throw Have Now Become Bullets
I have been visiting pages of the pro-family, anti-drug user sites. They think marijuana legalization will be bad for the family. What about the family of Tom Crosslin? What about Rolland's son? Was the prohibition of marijuana good for their families? Did these men deserve to die? What gives these groups the idea that people deserve to be punished for their use of marijuana? From the Bible? No indeed. Do they care? That remains to be seen.

God and Ganja
There is no need to search the Bible for mention of cannabis or its use to attack the prohibition of marijuana from a biblical perspective (Re: Letters, "Rev. Pothead," March 15-21).

Guest Editorial - A Christian's Duty and the War on Drugs
In waging the Drug War we are arresting and imprisoning the adult sons and daughters that the Drug War is supposed to be protecting, and in the process we are creating legions of socially dysfunctional outcasts whom we will have to deal with in the future.

America Under Attack