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Vacations where you give a little to get a lot

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People look forward to their vacations all year long, when the time arrives many find the usual trip to see the family or vacation on the beach exhausting and unfulfilling. Don't despair, no need to stay home and mow the grass for two weeks, try one of the new realm of vacations that focuses on community service, personal growth and learning. Do you long for the days when your 5th grade teacher took you to the science museum, how about when your Girl Scout troop volunteered to help restore a section of a local hiking trail? Are you feeling mentally stagnant and wish you could go back to school? No need to quit your job, sign up for a vacation that is proven to refresh and rejuvenate you.

Vacations are proven to reduce stress levels of the participants and to make people feel productive and good about themselves. Taking a volunteer or learning vacation can be one of the most exciting and enriching experiences of your life. So the next time you sit down to start planning a vacation, consider a trip that combines relaxation with an opportunity to make a difference in yourself or the lives of others.

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A Smuggler's Tale From Jails
For those who don't know Gary Waid, he was arrested for the first and only time in his life in his 40s and charged with smuggling marijuana. It seems to be a moot point that they could produce no drugs in evidence: The word of a snitch was enough to arrest Gary, and the threats of law enforcement were enough to scare him into foregoing his trial. He was sentenced to nine years in federal prison.

Focusing on Focus on the Family's Myths and Facts Concerning Marijuana
Dr. Dobson, president and founder of Focus on the Family, is a recognized and respected leader of the modern day Christian community. For many he is the ultimate authority on issues facing the Christian family and his advice is generally followed.

The Beginning of Prohibition
The Beginning of Marijuana Prohibition - by Al Gilmore, reprinted from the Constitutional Patriots Opposing Prohibition mailing list.

Steve Kubby's Probation - Cruel and Unusual Punishment
I believe that sentencing me, when I am medically disabled and suffering from terminal cancer, two conditions that threaten my life, for misdemeanor possession of a mushroom stem and some tiny cactus buttons, not only needlessly endangers me and burdens my family, such a sentence is a violation of my Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment."