Can't afford the cost of new inkjet cartridges? provides an alternative!

If you've recently purchased a new inkjet printer for your home or office, you were probably astounded at the low price you paid. Then a few weeks or months down the line when it came time to purchase a new inkjet printer cartridge you were probably equally astounded at the high price you had to pay for a replacement inkjet cartridge. You've now figured out why the purchase price was so low - the profit the manufacturer didn't make on the printer sale will be more than made up in subsequent inkjet cartridge sales.

At your local office supply discount store you can expect to pay upwards of $30 or more for a replacement inkjet printer cartridge and, depending on the amount you use your printer, you may need a new cartridge every few weeks. Is there an alternative to the high price of new inkjet cartridges?

Yes, there is - there are a slew of inkjet supply companies selling new inkjet cartridges on the Internet as well as inkjet refill kits. The prices on their new cartridges are generally lower than prices advertised at office supply shops, but the real savings doesn't come from buying new cartridges over the Internet, it comes from purchasing inkjet refill kits.

Inkjet refill kits do just what they sound like they do; they let you refill the ink when it runs out rather than getting an entire new cartridge. Every cartridge is different - how well they are treated and whether they are refilled properly all have a bearing on how long a cartridge will last. A good estimate is that an inkjet cartridge can be refilled an average of 10 times. Inkjet refill kits can save you up to 80% off the price of a new inkjet printer cartridge. They come with instructions and all the supplies necessary to "do-it-yourself" in less than 5 minutes per cartridge. Some companies also offer a "mail-in refill service" for people who don't want to mess with refilling cartridges themselves. Even these mail-in services offer about a 50% savings over new cartridges.

Don't lament the fact that you bought a beautiful new printer only to realize after the fact that new cartridges would cost a fortune. Visit to find a list of Inkjet cartridge refill suppliers who can save you an enormous amount of money.

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