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Guest Editorial - A Christian's Duty and the War on Drugs
In waging the Drug War we are arresting and imprisoning the adult sons and daughters that the Drug War is supposed to be protecting, and in the process we are creating legions of socially dysfunctional outcasts whom we will have to deal with in the future.

Father John Clifton Marquis on the Futility of Drug Laws in *U.S. Catholic* May 1990 (p14)
"Drug laws are a moral issue. Fifty years of drug legislation have produced the exact opposite effect of what those laws intended: the laws have created a tantalizingly profitable economic structure for marketing drugs."

Press Release: UK Laugh @ the Law Day - come have a laugh at your own expense*.
*for tax payers only

Silence is Taken as Acceptance It's time to stand-up & be counted! Saturday 1st Dec. - from 10 am Stockport

This information is in the public domain and reproduced here for press & public information.

Colin Davies, twice cleared by a jury for supplying Medicinal Cannabis, has now been remanded in custody by Stockport Magistrates. Is it the right that an ill man who has twice been cleard by the voice of the people can be locked up in jail without a full trial?

ALERT: DEA Attacking Medical Marijuana Patients
11/14/01 Dear DRCNet reader:

The following important medical marijuana alert has been forwarded on behalf of the Marijuana Policy Project. Please forward this alert widely to your family and friends in the United States, or tell them to visit:

Drug Courts -
Instead of the search for truth and justice, judges and prosecutors now claim to possess the ability to define
the use (all use) of certain drugs as a "disease", - albeit still illegal - while compelling something called "treatment", (President Bush calls it "coerced abstinence".) Isn't it illegal to practice medicine without a license?