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Father John Clifton Marquis on the Futility of Drug Laws in *U.S. Catholic* May 1990 (p14)
"Drug laws are a moral issue. Fifty years of drug legislation have produced the exact opposite effect of what those laws intended: the laws have created a tantalizingly profitable economic structure for marketing drugs."

The Stones We Throw Have Now Become Bullets
I have been visiting pages of the pro-family, anti-drug user sites. They think marijuana legalization will be bad for the family. What about the family of Tom Crosslin? What about Rolland's son? Was the prohibition of marijuana good for their families? Did these men deserve to die? What gives these groups the idea that people deserve to be punished for their use of marijuana? From the Bible? No indeed. Do they care? That remains to be seen.

Steve Kubby's Probation - Cruel and Unusual Punishment
I believe that sentencing me, when I am medically disabled and suffering from terminal cancer, two conditions that threaten my life, for misdemeanor possession of a mushroom stem and some tiny cactus buttons, not only needlessly endangers me and burdens my family, such a sentence is a violation of my Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment."

Mother Knows Best?
Something like keystone cops we 5 tumble out of the little car into a chilly, wet and blustery Spring day custom made for the Northwet. We gather our signs and photos of drug war POWs and their families. No one howls at an absent moon, but then again, ask for whom the bell really tolls?