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Broaden Your Search
  • Use or. Example: "liberty or death" will find all documents containing either word. every page that matches your search.
  • Use substring matching. Find documents containing "newspaper" when searching for "news".
Narrow Your Search
  • Use and. Example: yin and yang will find only documents containing both words.
  • Use not. Example: yin not yang will find all documents containing one word but not the other.
  • Use a combination of boolean operators. Example: this and that not other or thing
  • Use more keywords. Example: this and that and other and thing and yin and yang
  • Do not use substring matching. The search will ignore "newspaper" when searching for "news".
  • Set "Maximum hits to return" to 10 to see only the ten closest matches from your search.
  • Use the pulldown menu to limit your search to CSDP or DrugWarFacts "titles".

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