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Unit Study of the American Civil War
The Civil War of the United States of America was a very traumatic time for our country. I believe it is something that needs to be covered more fully in our educational system. As a homeschooler, you have the perfect opportunity to study this event with the respect it deserves. Issues that affected the average American family then, still affect us today.

Christian Psychology and Spiritual Care: Approaches to Ministerial Health (Part 2)
Fortunately, the Christian psychologist confesses an entirely different creed, and as a result, the value of Christian psychology rests in the fact that two baptized children of God have come together.

Christian Psychology and Spiritual Care: Approaches to Ministerial Health
What is the difference between secular psychology and Christian psychology? Some would say that they are the same. Read this article and discover the profound differences.

Edge and Christian Bytes

Edge and Christian
Real Names: Edge-Adam Copeland, Christian-Jason Reso
Height: Edge-6'4", Christian-6' 1"
Combined Weight: 455 lbs.
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Trademark Move:Edge-o-matic, Spear (Edge), Un-Prettier (Christian)
Birthday: Edge-10/30, Christian-11/30
Past Characters: Sex and Violence, the Suicide Blonds (Team), Sexton Hardcastle, Adam Impact, Downaward Spiral (Edge), Christian Cage (Christian)
Titles Held: WWF Tag Team (x7)
  • WWF IC (Edge)
    2023 King of the Ring (Edge)
  • WWF Light Heavyweight (Christian)

  • The Iliad
    This version of The Iliad by Homer was translated by Samuel Butler. It should be very helpful for those using the classical approach or "whole books."

    The Truth About The War On Drugs
    "Unless you live in a milk carton discarded just inside some wilderness area, you know that illegal drugs are available to anyone wanting to purchase them. As clean cut as I appear to be, I can "score" whatever illegal drugs I might want to try with the help of acquaintances I might meet virtually anywhere in this country. The fact is, if drugs were legalized today, I doubt their availability would be any greater than it currently is."

    RECLAIMING THE PROMISED LAND #5: Israel Palestine History, Past to Present
    The ancient land of Israel was renamed "Palestine" when the Romans kicked out its Jewish populace and tried to wipe any hint of their history off the map. Those were the end times for Israel. This series has seriously called into question the notion that any biblical mandate confers that land to Jews today, but an equally complex question is whether or not there's a political mandate. The secular side of the Palestine Israel conflict centers on the question of who this holy land belonged to in recent history. Israel sometimes tries to justify its occupation of Arab territories by claiming that Palestinian Arabs were an insignificant population until Zionists made the land prosperous. Jews, they emphasize, maintained a presence in the land from the time of Israel's destruction to the present. Is that a wholly true characterization? Here's a sweeping overview of recent Israel Palestine history to help you decide:

    It is the view of the Commission that the punitive sanctions administered by the justice system to users of small quantities is not only unjust but is a major source of disrespect and contempt for the legal system as a whole. Moreover, the punishment meted out to such offenders has not had and is not likely to have the desired effect of a deterrent. Administering the present laws as they apply to possession and use of small quantities of ganja not only puts an unbearable strain on the relationship of the police with the communities, in particular the male youth, but also ties up the justice system and the work of the police, who could use their time to much greater advantage in the relentless pursuit of crack/cocaine trafficking.

    The War On Drugs Is A War On People
    "Do you stand beside those who are harassed and arrested because of the color of their skin? Do you sit back while your neighbors are dragged off in the middle of the night for what they choose to put into their bodies? Do you honorably and respectfully uphold the rights of others to speak their truth no matter how opposed it is to yours? And do you oppose excessive taxes even if their proceeds would line your pockets?"

    The road to a republic was a hard one for the Romans. The city was under the control of the last Tarquinian king, Tarquinian Superbus, but thanks to Brutus, Rome was finally liberated. However, the Republic was very fragile, teetering on the edge of disaster throughout most of its history.

    The War On Drugs: Silent Signals
    We are losing the war on drugs. Whether through ignorance or a na�ve belief it couldn�t happen in your family, the epidemic is spreading. What can we, as parents do, to educate our children to the dangers of drugs? The answer is communication, early and often. Does this mean we need to start haranguing children?

    The War On Drugs: Silent Signals
    We are losing the war on drugs. Whether through ignorance or a na�ve belief it couldn�t happen in your family, the epidemic is spreading. What can we, as parents do, to educate our children to the dangers of drugs? The answer is communication, early and often. Does this mean we need to start haranguing children?

    The Fight For Kentucky: Lord Dunmore's War (1774)
    Lord Dunmore's War is considered to be the precursor to the American Revolution in the west. In the following article from the book Pioneers of the Old Southwest by Constance Skinner, you shall learn how the Kentucky Territory became the first battleground for the war. For many, the battle of Point Pleasant was indeed the first battle of the American Revolution.

    World War II: Unit Activities
    World War II affected even more nations than did World War I, which was supposed to be the “war to end all wars.” These activities will be useful for both classroom and home study of this traumatic period in world history.

    Christians Persecuting Christians - Christian Casualties Found in War on Drugs
    While the date may elude that the title is an April Fool's Day joke, it is no joke. The silence from various ministries, former pastors, media outlets and even internet message boards, concerning the repeal of the current prohibitive marijuana laws has left little room for doubt. They choose to ignore the fact that Christians are at risk of arrest, incarceration and forfeiture of property, including their family, friends neighbors and even fellow church members.

    War, Hollywood Style
    As Jerry Bruckheimer brings his new version of the attack on Pearl Harbor to the big screen this week, Film in Focus looks at previous images of war as seen through the Hollywood lens.

    A Just War
    For every war in the 20th Century there has been an anti war effort. This article considers a criteria to lead one to think about the complexity of war beyond 'my country, right or wrong.'

    Mathew Brady and Photography During the Civil War
    A look into the life and times of Mathew Brady and photography during the Civil War

    The Art of the Art of War: An examination of the work of Tim O’Brien
    And herein lies the difference between Coppola and O’Brien. What Coppola shows us is that war is hell, and it contaminates everyone who participates in it. What O’Brien shows us is how to keep that from happening. He shows us how to live sanely when living is intolerable, and this is a lesson worth learning, for there is the intolerable in life, even when the war is over.

    World War I: Unit Activities
    Here are some activity ideas to use when studying the time period of World War I.

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