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It is the view of the Commission that the punitive sanctions administered by the justice system to users of small quantities is not only unjust but is a major source of disrespect and contempt for the legal system as a whole. Moreover, the punishment meted out to such offenders has not had and is not likely to have the desired effect of a deterrent. Administering the present laws as they apply to possession and use of small quantities of ganja not only puts an unbearable strain on the relationship of the police with the communities, in particular the male youth, but also ties up the justice system and the work of the police, who could use their time to much greater advantage in the relentless pursuit of crack/cocaine trafficking.

Family History: Backup/Restore vs Export/Import
Dale Lee, a computer consultant gives instruction on understanding the difference betweeen Backup/Restore vs Export/Import. Visit his website to get tips on creating your own family history book.

Herbal Teas and Infusions: From the Formulary
One of the many excellent pages of our "Formulary" section which tells you HOW to work with your herbs and get the most out of them. This part deals with making teas and infusions.

Decoctions, Syrups, Tinctures: From the Formulary
More from our formulary! How to prepare decoctions, syrups, tinctures and linaments. A solid "do it yourself" article for making these herbal preparations including dosage suggestions.

Volunteers Restore Olympic Nordic Trails -- Nevada Travel, Tourism, RV, and Camping Roundup � January 2002, Part 3
After the 1960 Winter Games, the Olympic Nordic trails were gradually abandoned, Mother Nature took over, and they faded into oblivion. Then, in 1999, retired engineer David Antonucci uncovered a portion of the trails in his Tahoma backyard and spearheaded the effort to restore them for year-round public recreation.

A DAY WITH FRIEDRICH. (23d July, 1779.)
Have you ever wondered what a typical day was like for a monarch of the 18th century? Find out now by examining this document from the History of Friedrich II of Prussia by Thomas Carlyle.

March belongs to the PS2
Disappointed with the quality of Playstation 2 games? That should change with the release of five marquee titles this month. Read on for all the details!

"The Battle Belongs to the Lord"
David and Goliath are as inspiring today as when we first heard the story as kids in Bible school

What Belongs in My Betta's Tank?
Everyone loves to watch their bettas swim around but sometimes it's even neater to see how people have decorated their betta's home. What should you have in a betta bowl to make a happy betta?

Searching for Terrorists We Snare Angels Instead
Dr. Jay Cavana, is the national director of the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis, a devoted husband, and father of two teenagers. He also holds Ph. D's in biochemistry and immunology.

The New King George
Jay R. Cavanaugh, Ph.D. National Director American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

Sloane and Taylor look to restore the Blues to full health
After winning Super 12 in 1996 & 1997, Graham Henry's departure in 1998 , and the retirement of some of the modern game's great players, precipitated a plunge to the depths of mediocrity for the Auckland Blues. But there are signs of a revival in 2002, a talented backline capable of tearing any opposition apart if a gigantic pack of forwards secure consistent quality ball.

CHILDREN OF THE COVENANT: To Whom Does the Promised Land Belong?
The "promised land." What a bone of contention it has been. Nations have fought to the death over this crossroads in the dusty desert for millennia. Most recent conflict in the Middle East has been a claim war over the land that was promised to Abraham. Arabs and Jews trace their physical and spiritual lineage back to Abraham, and Christians trace their spiritual lineage back to him. So, exactly what was promised to whom when God gave a chunk of real estate to Abraham and his descendants, and what conditions were placed on the covenant between God and Abraham? This article follows the covenant God made with Abraham through its various stages of development.
Is it a foregone conclusion that the land alternately called Palestine and Israel belongs to the Jews?

Please Don't Sniff the Essences!

Essences capture subtle healing patterns of nature. They gently restore wholeness to body, mind, soul and emotions; and they are easy to use, safe for adults, babies, children and animals, and free from side effects.


Meet the Parents - Light, likeable comedy
An uneven but likeable little comedy that is peppered with great one-liners but the whole show belongs to De Niro.

Dear Third Person
How Do I Deal With His Manipulative Ex Wife?
The problem is her mother (the ex!)...recently I discovered that she is having the daughter take stuff from our house to bring it home to her Mom...things she feels belongs to her

The Alexander Technique: Taking Pressure Off Your Body
The Alexander Technique is a time-tested method of teaching ways to restore our natural balance, flexibility and ease of movement. It teaches the use of the appropriate amount of effort for a particular activity, releasing more energy for all our activities. It is not a series of treatments or exercises, but rather a reeducation of the mind and body that helps you discover a new balance in your body by releasing unnecessary tension. It can be applied to all of your daily activities.

Acupuncture, Self-diagnosis, and Neurocomputers
On my opinion, the best of the few known theories on acupuncture belongs to the team of theoretical biologists ...

Renovations Credited For 'Corpse Flower' Bloom
Credit for the recent flowering of the rare and pungent Titan Arum belongs to the newly restored greenhouse in which it resides, according to the director of greenhouses and botanical gardens at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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