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The Internet is a great resource for just about everything, including information on hotels. Once you've found a place to stay, most sites offer an opportunity to make an online reservation. Major hotels are geared to take credit cards and will send an e-mail confirmation of your reservation.

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A Smuggler's Tale From Jails
For those who don't know Gary Waid, he was arrested for the first and only time in his life in his 40s and charged with smuggling marijuana. It seems to be a moot point that they could produce no drugs in evidence: The word of a snitch was enough to arrest Gary, and the threats of law enforcement were enough to scare him into foregoing his trial. He was sentenced to nine years in federal prison.

DrugSense Focus Alert, May 23rd, 2023 - Taliban's Tyranny No Problem For Anti-Drug Aid
Taliban's Tyranny No Problem For Anti-Drug Aid ------- PLEASE COPY AND DISTRIBUTE -------

Parable of Persecution - Words of Wisdom from Benjamin Franklin
Due to the perceived wickedness of the drug culture, the war on drugs has been unanimously supported by the church. What we fail to see is that the church is responsible, for we have 'thrust them out of our tents and exposed them to all the evils of the night in an unguarded condition'. That is why God rejects no one until the day of judgement and Jesus accepts all. For you can not love what you find unacceptable, and rejecting a part is rejecting the whole. Keeping from sin is not what makes the road narrow, loving like Jesus is.

Father John Clifton Marquis on the Futility of Drug Laws in *U.S. Catholic* May 1990 (p14)
"Drug laws are a moral issue. Fifty years of drug legislation have produced the exact opposite effect of what those laws intended: the laws have created a tantalizingly profitable economic structure for marketing drugs."

Family Research Council Misses Mark on Medicinal Marijuana
"The marijuana prohibition has made criminals out of normal every day citizens, which is immoral in and of itself. But to support laws that withholds necessary medicine from those suffering from fatal and debilitating illnesses goes beyond immoral to shameful and heinous."