Five compelling reasons to select a credit card online...

Do you need a new credit card? Go to, a site with information about credit cards and credit card offers.

Hundreds of low interest credit card deals are available online. Choose a low interest credit card, a student credit card, a credit card for people with bad credit, or a credit card that offers special features. Your online credit card application is generally approved within 60 seconds so there is no waiting.

If you have great credit, get a low interest credit card. Bad credit? Reestablish your credit today after checking out each new credit card offer. Students can apply for the student credit card.

There are dozens of credit card websites to choose from. The best websites have taken the time to cull through the various credit cards and display only cards that offer the best options. Credit cards are separated into categories so you can focus on ones with the specific features you want.

Additional services that you can find at credit card websites include: free credit reports, information on choosing a credit card, advice on how to watch your credit rating, and opinions on personal finances and budgeting. Before signing on as a new customer, read the fine print of any credit card offer, pay special attention to the terms and conditions of how interest is calculated and make note of any additional fees. And before choosing a new credit card, go to to research your options.

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America Under Attack

Press Release: UK Politician to Seek Arrest of Possession of Cannabs
A North West Euro-MP is planning to seek arrest for possession of cannabis in a protest aimed at supporting the imprisoned owner of Britain's first Dutch-style 'coffee shop'. Editor's NoteTo the UK's 50,000 arrests for possession of cannabis last year, the US had 646,042 arrests for simple possession. May the US politicans that support drug reform go to just as great lengths on behalf of their cannabis supporting constituents.

Focusing on Focus on the Family's Myths and Facts Concerning Marijuana
Dr. Dobson, president and founder of Focus on the Family, is a recognized and respected leader of the modern day Christian community. For many he is the ultimate authority on issues facing the Christian family and his advice is generally followed.

The Stones We Throw Have Now Become Bullets
I have been visiting pages of the pro-family, anti-drug user sites. They think marijuana legalization will be bad for the family. What about the family of Tom Crosslin? What about Rolland's son? Was the prohibition of marijuana good for their families? Did these men deserve to die? What gives these groups the idea that people deserve to be punished for their use of marijuana? From the Bible? No indeed. Do they care? That remains to be seen.

They Thought They Were Free...
"What no one seemed to notice, ... was the ever widening gap ... between the government and the people. ... And it became always wider. ... the whole process of its coming into being, was above all diverting, it provided an excuse not to think for people who did not want to think anyway ... "