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07/01/2003: "Letters: Wrong"

More for brother David||||3|7|2|2003|7|47|6|AM|Although not a Christian, it occurred to me that David might also like to contemplate Proverbs 31: 6-7. 'Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts', 'Let him drink, and forget his poverty, and remember his misery no more'.

Of course, David might aspire for us all to have the status of kings and princes (31:4, 31:5), but it seems un-Christian to legislate towards that objective while overlooking the needs of the afflicted.


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wine said @ 07/02/2023 07:24 PM CST

well alcohol is a "foriegn substance", and Jesus drank wine if I'm not mistaken. It is a poison. If mainstream Chistianity does not condone moderate alcohol use, then they cannot condone moderate cannabis use. To do so would be hypocritical, and I know Jesus didn't like hypocrits...

[email protected]">unDuLe said @ 07/02/2023 10:17 PM CST

A very elegant reply! Highly commendable.

[email protected]">William said @ 07/07/2023 12:13 AM CST

I would just like to remind you that drugs can lead to sexual sins! thankyou!

jini said @ 07/07/2023 07:56 AM CST

Excellent point rent...and wine I think I undertand what you are trying to say.

Thank you for the good words unDuLe and William, thank you for your input as well, although I think you missed the point...:*/

love and peace,

[email protected]">biggin said @ 07/07/2023 09:19 AM CST

jini, i beleive to many people are spending wasted time judging their brother when they walk around with their own plank in their eye.thank you for an incredible response to such a rediculous misinterperatation, god bless you!

the truth in your head said @ 07/12/2022 03:37 PM CST

Dear David:

If you believe God created man and the Earth to both be perfect (before allowing us free will), then I challenge you to prove to us why God would place certain receptor sites in the Cerebral Cortex (which governs higher learning) that ONLY ACCEPT 2 chemicals: THC and a naturally produced endorphin associated with pleasure. If God created me perfectly with these THC receptor sites and placed the GIFT of THC in an incredibly easy to grow plant, then wouldn't it be a sin to deny God full acceptance of his creation!!! Are you going to deny God's gifts of how we should enjoy creation? Oh, but I forgot your paraphasing of scripture comes from the Paulist doctrines and not from the teachings of Jesus.

Mike said @ 07/15/2003 01:10 PM CST

David, I'm curious. I place foreign sustances in my body to prevent seizures due to epilepsy. Tegretol & Dilantin are what I use. Am I sinning? Marijuana is the best anti-epileptic I have found during my extensive research of epilepsy and it's remedies. Created by the Great Physician Himself. After much thought and prayer I have added it to my regimine of therapy with great results.

Mark Bryan said @ 08/12/2022 05:03 PM CST

Amen to all who responded to and corrected David!John;8:32 says learn the truth & the truth will make you free.

eric said @ 10/05/2023 01:43 PM CST

You mean to tell me that you are agianst the use the use of marijuanna, reallity check for you all Jesus Christ himself smoke pot and opium what do you think the "holy herb" was it wasn't tobacco.

[email protected]">Thank God said @ 11/09/2022 07:51 PM CST

I am so happy to hear such wonderful comments concerning marijuana. Marijuana has helped me in many ways. Continue to use your mind and give God Thanks!

thank you all said @ 11/17/2003 04:19 PM CST

thank you to the person who first asked this question, and thank you to those of you who responded. I have been trying to find Jesus again in my life and I was questioning what he would think about me since I too love the 'holy herb', you have helped me to feel more confident with my own self and my beliefs. Jesus Rules! Amen.

Holy Herb said @ 11/29/2003 08:19 AM CST

Im just curious. Where in the Bible do you see a scripture that says Jesus Used a Holy Herb? Oh And heres a helpful link to all the different types of Bibles . You can do a keyword search. Let me know if you find it and in which Bible version it was found.

Ras Adam said @ 01/16/2004 09:40 AM CST

Hi I'm a fellow rastafarian who beleives in Jesus christ as our lord and saviour and i do encourage all to find a personal relationship with him. I to very strongly agree that herb is a wonderful sacrament which is the healing of the land. In one scripture it says that God made grass to grow for the cattle and herb for the service of man. Why would he make only some herbs for us and not others. I really appreciate what you all are doing. Herb is truly a sacred thing and untill BABYLON realizes this the world will not heal. Keep the lord in your hearts. Jah Bless

jim said @ 05/26/2004 10:06 PM CST

i don't know if it's a sin to smoke pot but it has never influenced me to sin. It has always made me more considerate of other people and less willing to sin. I am still faithful to god regardless. I think a person's true personality comes out when you get high. Weed doesn't change the kind of person you are like alcohol or harder drugs. It's only a gateway drug if you let it be. If smoking marijuanna is a sin I would like someone to explain to me how it is so.

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