Asian translations and localization for high tech content by Arial Translations, covers Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Arial Translations, is the industry's best-known Asian-language localization firm serving clients like Intel, Dell and 3M. Arial Translations enables you to reach a global market with quality documentation, software interfaces and on-line content. They have successfully completed hundreds of projects in seven years of operation, and can help you with Chinese (simplified or Traditional), Japanese or Korean-language projects.

Arial Translations is driven by a desire to bring the world's best technologies to the people of Asia by acting as a communications bridge to global technology leaders. They absolutely insist on the ultimate in quality work and take full responsibility for every word they write.

Arial Translations is based in the U.S. but maintains a highly specialized network of exclusive translators located in each target region. As a result, they are able to apply highly relevant local knowledge to each project and even arrange for thorough testing on target-country operating systems and networks.

Arial Translations is an operating division of Arial Global Reach, a global communications firm offering one-stop solutions for multi-lingual websites, multi-lingual search engine visibility strategies and multi-lingual personalized e-mail marketing solutions.

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