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GE Plastics has remained the pacesetter in high-performance polymers since introducing the first engineering plastic, LEXAN� resin, nearly 40 years ago. The company's global stature and phenomenal growth are attributable to a dual commitment: to develop advanced technology and to deliver practical customer support.

This guiding principle has spawned an array of other GE materials businesses with a spectrum of diverse products. These include silicone sealants, adhesives, coatings and lubricants; extruded sheet for structural glazing and high-performance graphic insulating films; phosphite antioxidants and modifier resins and industrial diamonds and other superabrasives.

GE Plastics has more than 40 plant sites and joint venture facilities worldwide, plus 19 technology and application development centers and more than 50 sales and service offices in over 20 countries around the world. Customers worldwide are served through regionally focused business centers led by our European Headquarters in Bergen Op Zoom, The Netherlands and in the Asia Pacific region at our Tokyo Headquarters. GE Plastics employs 15,000 people worldwide.

GE Plastics is committed to being the world leader in providing the highest value materials and services to its customers.

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