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John Lennon Would Have Cared About Jonathan Magbie
Have we no John Lennon's left?

"With Lennon, rock had become revolutionary -- and for real. He
and Yoko took part in demonstrations, they campaigned for a
public inquiry into the case of James Hanratty, convicted of
murder and hanged in the early 1960s... they marched for the IRA
[Irish Republican Army] and they called for help for striking
Excerpt from "Who Killed John Lennon?" by Fenton Bresler

Who Was Jonathan Magbie?

US DC: Column: 'Top-Floor' Treatment in DC

US DC: Mother Sues Over D.C. Inmate's Death

US DC: A Searing Portrait of Abuse

US TX: Column: Meddling Federal Lawmakers Share Blame In Senseless MediPot Death

US DC: Report Clears DC Judge of Misconduct in Inmate Death

Where is our John Lennon in the music industry?

It seems that John Lennon was out on his politically active limb alone... 25 years later, as the war on drugs has become increasingly oppressive, the wealth and the social and political power of the music industry has grown. But there are few Lennons in the mix, if there are any at all. Perhaps Willie Nelson.

Many in the music world use marijuana, a number of them openly, yet have a privileged immunity from the consequences that their fans do not - a hostile society intolerant of their existence, demanding:

� arrest

� incarceration

� drug testing

� forfeiture or property

� the abdication of families

and sometimes even death,

� Peter McWilliams

Clayton Helriggle

� Jonathan Magpie

In Honor the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death

Those in the music industry that serve the cannabis using subculture needs to come out in strong, active defense of this fan base. What can they do?

� Have a "Legal Aid" benefit tour and special release albums for legal defense of cannabis users.

� Make rock revolutionary again, release songs with pro-reform messages.

� Financially support and give exposure to drug policy reform groups such as Common Sense for Drug Policies, [link], DrugSense, [link] and NORML, [link]
that are actively working to change the marijuana laws.

� Run for office. Arnold did. Turn a fan base into a voter base.

Every voice is needed in the decriminalization effort, and we need to hear from those whose voices are the best known.

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