InTheseTimes Feature Article - Reckoning with the God Squad by Bill Moyers
Fundamentalist bullies cannot be appeased. they must be confronted.

"The radical religious right has succeeded in taking over one of America�s great political parties-the country is not yet a theocracy but the Republican Party is-and they are driving American politics, using God as a battering ram on almost every issue: crime and punishment, foreign policy, health care, taxation, energy, regulation, social services and so on.

They have brought intensity, organization, and anger to the public square. They use the language of faith to demonize political opponents, mislead and misinform voters, censor writers and artists, ostracize dissenters, and marginalize the poor. These are the foot soldiers in a political holy war financed by wealthy economic interests and guided by savvy partisan operatives who know that couching political ambition in religious rhetoric can ignite the passion of followers."
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 Why is Howard Riding Across North America?

Paul Revere Rides Again!

A historic journey bringing attention to America's failed war on drugs.
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 Most Adults Feel Accepted by God, But Lack a Biblical Worldview

George Barna, whose acclaimed book Think Like Jesus described the core elements of a biblical worldview in laymen�s terms, noted that the religious books of greatest influence in the past several years have not addressed people�s fundamental theological views. �Most of the bestsellers have focused on meaning, purpose, security and the end times,� the researcher pointed out. �While there have been theological views expressed in those books, very few popular books have helped people to think clearly and comprehensively about their core theology. Consequently, most born again Christians hold a confusing and inherently contradictory set of religious beliefs that go unchecked by the leaders and teachers of their faith community.�
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