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bullet JeffL on Saturday 30 September 2022 - 16:41:05
Hey, Pleas e-mail Riverside County Board of Supervisors and ask them to support "plan B" for medipot. We've got three days. all the stuff is on the ACTION ALERTS forum
bullet Alan Terry on Wednesday 13 September 2022 - 14:06:49
Garden firepit Bible study

All smokers welcome! (Adults)Anchorage Alaska,
Friday nights at 6:30

Cooking OK-Hot dogs,foil meals,etc.
Free hot dogs for 1st timers!

Now seeking new visitors, who will have there pick of seating around the firepit.

Have you been burned by others, using Marijuana as a scape goat? I have!

Rresponsable Marijuana users get burned more than we know. Lets start a support team for these people. Please share your story with me. Call Al at
Proverbs 4:20/Isa. 61:11
bullet JeffL on Saturday 02 September 2022 - 10:41:18
Send Arnold a Letter!!!

Check out Hemp reform on the forum page, everythings there to just "click" him one

Also if your concerned, letters supporting prop 36 would be good too, a couple assembly members thought my brother would've been better off in jail on drug charges four months ago when he was 80 pounds puking up green stuff in a bucket, so they've managed to become a stumblingblock to it's full implementation, like the voters wanted.

But I thank my God who sent the Archangel himself to deliver him from the hands of death. and into the care of the Church. Today, He can't not minister. He's got the preach in him. He's on fire for the Lord, and taking back his life from the bondages that seek to destroy him- not only from the dope, but the desolation of the just say no junkies and the prison cage.
Thank our Lord Jesus, the God of our Salvation.
bullet Alan Terry on Tuesday 22 August 2022 - 14:35:01
Garden Firepit Bible Study
All Smokers welcome! (Adults)
Outdoors/Semi-secluded private property
Cooking OK-Hotdogs,foil meals, etc.
Anchorage Alaska, Muldoon area-Friday nights at 6:30
Limited seating- First timers must call first. Al/907-337-2417
Proverbs 4:20 Isaiah 61:11
bullet JeffL on Friday 18 August 2023 - 17:50:44
Hemp Bill is going to be on the governor's desk next week!

Please write Arnold ASAP. I've got all the contact info on the Hemp Reform Forum, I pray you all send a letter, it's important and it really makes a difference
bullet JeffL on Friday 18 August 2023 - 17:08:28
Amen! I draw strength knowing I'm not alone. I mean, I know Jesus is with me, but people, Christians. We're few and far between, but truth is truth, and my Lord is a God of Truth. I draw strength from this forum. God Bless
bullet BrotherPaul on Wednesday 16 August 2023 - 10:40:48
Dear JINI:
We are much Blessed by your Ministry! This site may have a glitch or two, but you have done a great work for us all and we thank God for it and you!
bullet c4cadmin on Tuesday 15 August 2023 - 21:26:47
Sorry for the interruption in service folks. Cable and computer problems compounded, thus Revan and myself have not been able to get to the site.
Things seem to be working okay, but we're still a bit shaky on this side of the screen. Keep your hands in prayer...or your fingers crossed...:*)

love and peace,
bullet JeffL on Monday 14 August 2023 - 17:59:24
went to see David Crowder band, Kutless, and Hawk Nelson Saturday- Good show!
bullet BrotherPaul on Sunday 13 August 2023 - 13:34:11
Beloved Cannabinoids:
Canthiests are Beloved of God! Who among us thinks it is a "sin" to smoke pot while the legal drugs of Tobacco and alchohol are killing people? Is the "sinless" use of these two killers of people to be allowed, while the non-leathal and non-addictive sacrament of the Canthiests (Religious users) is condemned? The only people to be killed regarding marijuana are the ones gunned down by the COPS, the "Temple Guards" of the Mainstream!
Bless 'em all!

bullet JesusMadePot on Friday 11 August 2023 - 18:22:23
He should of stuck with bud. I could of told him that. When will people see?
bullet BrotherPaul on Friday 11 August 2023 - 12:36:45
Poor Mel Gibson:
Do you think he would have acted the same if he was high on Cannabis? Poor Catholic guy was drunk, on legal alchohol, totally out of control, and spouting Evil...
bullet BrotherPaul on Friday 11 August 2023 - 12:31:02
I TIM 4:4-8

I COR 10:31
bullet JeffL on Tuesday 08 August 2023 - 16:47:21
Amen I hear that! I just picked up a "Down Here" album. It's got a song called "the More" it's pretty good.
bullet Revan on Sunday 06 August 2023 - 22:38:25
not much listenin to music and livin life
bullet JeffL on Saturday 05 August 2023 - 15:52:50
wassup Revan!
bullet JesusMadePot on Wednesday 02 August 2023 - 22:21:37
Our testemonies bare witness that cannabis is a harmless weed. It cost the same as gold due to the drug war. Prohibition gives the power to mobs, gangs, and corrupt government officials. Stop believing the television and take a look at history. Wake up!
bullet JeffL on Monday 31 July 2023 - 19:47:50
In my experience, I know without doubt when God is convicting me. and there's no want or desire to be justified, I just want it (conviction) to stop. I know the sins I am guilty of, I can't deny my conscience. but at the same time, I have never felt conviction of God because of smoking pot, and I am free to follow my conscience, as my conscience is the seat of the Lord's conviction.

Welcome again. feel free to post whatever and start threads, welcome home!
bullet JeffL on Monday 31 July 2023 - 19:42:42
Welcome! let me encourage you in the liberty given to us in the Lord.

Smoking pot in itself is not a sin, but we can take it up in a manner/manners that are displeasing to the Lord. habit is my problem, but I only smoked like three cigarettes today. I'm gonna quit. I have to.
bullet JesusMadePot on Monday 31 July 2023 - 15:45:10
Welcome, brother.
bullet vince on Monday 31 July 2023 - 14:25:11
coming to this site make's me feel not as guilty when i smoke
pot. i'm learnig a lot. i came a long way in my walk with jesus, and i dont want to think that smoking pot is a sin
bullet JeffL on Sunday 30 July 2023 - 18:27:51
If you don't smoke, thank God you don't smoke.
If you smoke, thank God you smoke.

One way or another, It's God who gives the smoke.

I need to quit smoking cigarettes. For real. It's not necessary anymore, except for when I cover up the pot smoke. But like I said, It's not necessary anymore.

Many things the author of Hebrews wanted to tell us about the priesthood, but we are (they were) dull of hearing
bullet mont974x4 on Saturday 29 July 2023 - 14:52:43
I agree that we are all the Preisthood if we are saved. I know a handful of references to that. I don;t believe it was selfish of the levitical priests but something that was commanded by God because of the sin of the people. What I don't recall is where we are told to make the oil and use it. Can you help us out on that?

Also, does your view restirict the use of marijuana to only oil?

I think I'll start a thread on preisthood. I think that'd be a great discussion.
bullet BrotherPaul on Saturday 29 July 2023 - 12:58:31
Beloved of God:
Realize that the Holy Anointing Oil was restricted to preparation by the Priesthood for the exclusive use of the Priesthood, but when the Son of Man came, he abolished all that, and gave us (his disciples/followers/Believers, the use of HAO for anointing all! We ARE supposed to make it! and to Heal with it! and to make "All things Holy" with it. When Christ came, he abolished the privacy of the prriesthood and took command of what was held selfishly by the Levitical priesthood, giving the Blessing to All...
bullet c4cadmin on Thursday 27 July 2023 - 22:59:15
Ruling Expected Shortly In Legal Challenge To US Government's Pot Monopoly
bullet mont974x4 on Thursday 27 July 2023 - 16:56:54
God made it and it is good. I really see no reason to go much further than that.

How do you handle the annointing oil issue when we aren't supposed to make it? Wasn't it limited to a select group to make the oil? Wasn't it also limited to some other circumstances as well. Maybe with the destruction of the Temple and the geneological records around 70 AD all Temple service ended and no one knows who is allowed to make the oil?

Besides, I know I'm not a Jew of any of the original 12 tribes.

hmm more research is needed. I'll try to get to it in the next few days.

Regardless, as long as we handle it appropriately I see no issue.
bullet BrotherPaul on Thursday 27 July 2023 - 16:45:49
To all Beloved of God in Christ:
Know that scripture validates our use of Cannabis, especially in the preparation of Holy Anointing Oil (Exodus 30:23), beginning with Genesis 1:29. The Rastas use Psalm 104:14 as their Guide. What do you use?
bullet c4cadmin on Wednesday 26 July 2023 - 11:55:31

About 10 minute story on med mj last night on Nightline that was positive.
bullet c4cadmin on Wednesday 26 July 2023 - 09:52:48
Just in case you missed this Focus Alert
bullet c4cadmin on Wednesday 26 July 2023 - 00:48:30
Good night all and God bless.

love and peace,

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