Take the stress out of your next planned, or unplanned, job change!

Use to assist in finding your next job.

Although always a difficult and challenging endeavor, online job sources can greatly reduce the stress of your new job search. Use the online resources to your benefit and remember that staying passive is not going to get the you the position you desire; so get out there and get active!

Searching for a new job is an arduous and potentially frustrating experience. First of all, where does one start? Do you begin with some of the job banks available or several of the ongoing job fairs, or should you simply jump into a broadband search for jobs online? This is a crucial decision because we will not be scheduling any job interviews until we have this sorted out! Generally speaking, time is a factor in all of this as well. So, we must be effective and efficient in these endeavors.

How do we get some job interviews lined up? If you have access to the Internet, then the job banks and various sources for jobs online are great. You can cover a lot of ground quickly! Do not be too quick to discount job fairs as well, but be very focused with regard to which ones you plan to attend. These job fairs are generally both localized and targeted and will offer some of the best potential to acquire job interviews. In other words, leave no stone unturned!

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God and Ganja
There is no need to search the Bible for mention of cannabis or its use to attack the prohibition of marijuana from a biblical perspective (Re: Letters, "Rev. Pothead," March 15-21).

Report on the State of the Art
Mr. Schimelfenig posted this report on MapTalk, the mailing list for MAP, Inc. He graciously consented to it being posted here.

The Media Awareness Project is one of the most effective organizations of the legalization movement. Unlike most organizations, the leadership of MAP is visible involved and accessible.

Column - Coming Out of the Closet
Editor's note -
It takes courage to admit to consuming cannabis. The risk of losing all we love and own, tends to discourage the practice. Slowly, but surely, people are growing tired. Tired of wearing the criminal label. Tired of living in pain. Tired of living in fear. The following is the first of what is hoped to be many contributions to this column.

Editorial: In Memory of Joey - A Testimony
Joseph Edward Vaughn, my brother, died Friday, June 3rd, 1994. He was 22. He drank, smoked pot, and gave tattoos. He liked Ozzy Osborne, KISS, Nirvana, Poison, Guns and Roses and Black Sabbath. He also liked Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks. He was a reluctant artist that could do aerial flips.

Lost in the muck and mire of contemporary Christianity and all its trappings, I took everything it told me to heart. I condemned his interests, his music, his lifestyle. Only after he was gone did I see that there is no love in condemnation. And the love that I thought I had been giving, wasn't really there.

Christians Persecuting Christians - Christian Casualties Found in War on Drugs
While the date may elude that the title is an April Fool's Day joke, it is no joke. The silence from various ministries, former pastors, media outlets and even internet message boards, concerning the repeal of the current prohibitive marijuana laws has left little room for doubt. They choose to ignore the fact that Christians are at risk of arrest, incarceration and forfeiture of property, including their family, friends neighbors and even fellow church members.

Editorial: Family Research Council's 'Victory' in Supreme Court Ruling on Medical Marijuana
"If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it probably is a duck. If it does not walk like a duck or talk like a duck, it probably isn't a duck."
What exactly is FRC?