Going to Europe and don't know the ins and outs of "getting around"?

Check out for the latest in European travel tips.

European air travel routes are the world's busiest intercontinental routes by far. European air travel has become very economical and convenient. There are many flights to choose from each day if you need to fly between cities. Also, to save money on your European travel flights, purchase your in-between stops when you buy your trans-Atlantic trip.

Rail travel has become one of the most relied upon modes of travel in Europe. People in Europe count on rail travel far more than most Americans, consequently, trains run on-time and frequently. Because of the popularity of this type of mass transportation, there are many types of rail travel from which to choose.

The newest and most exciting way to rail travel in Europe is on one of the world's fastest trains. The Eurostar, for example, travels through a 31-mile tunnel and has top speeds of 185 miles/hour. The high-speed rail travel concept is so popular that it has taken the place of European air travel for some of the shorter distance routes.

There are many rail travel passes to choose from as well. Once you've determined your destinations and the sites you will be visiting, purchase a rail travel pass that will assist in making your trip a successful one.

So, travel Europe in style, ease and comfort. Save money, time and any headache by planning ahead. And one last thing, don't forget your passport!

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Marijuana Activists Killed By Police Standoff Over Pot Plants
NORML Executive Director R. Keith Stroup called the fatal outcome a needless tragedy. "Law enforcement should never cause greater harm than the alleged criminal activity they are entrusted to investigate," he said. "Crosslin and Rohm were charged with non-violent, marijuana-related offenses and paid for it with their lives. If authorities can use tranquilizer guns to still wild animals and rubber bullets against large crowds of WTO protesters, it's inexcusable that they used deadly force against these two men."

ALERT: DEA Attacking Medical Marijuana Patients
11/14/01 Dear DRCNet reader:

The following important medical marijuana alert has been forwarded on behalf of the Marijuana Policy Project. Please forward this alert widely to your family and friends in the United States, or tell them to visit:

Focusing on Focus on the Family's Myths and Facts Concerning Marijuana
Dr. Dobson, president and founder of Focus on the Family, is a recognized and respected leader of the modern day Christian community. For many he is the ultimate authority on issues facing the Christian family and his advice is generally followed.

Steve Kubby's Probation - Cruel and Unusual Punishment
I believe that sentencing me, when I am medically disabled and suffering from terminal cancer, two conditions that threaten my life, for misdemeanor possession of a mushroom stem and some tiny cactus buttons, not only needlessly endangers me and burdens my family, such a sentence is a violation of my Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment."

NarcoNews Bulletin Issue #16: Live Reports From The Andes; & Blockades Renewed

December 3, 2023Please Distribute Widely

Dear Colleagues,

The hard news from Bolivia is still not reported by the US press...

-- Blockades Begin Anew on Tuesday

-- The Chapare Region is Occupied by 4,000 Troops

-- Bolivian Prez Quiroga is in DC, will Meet Thurday With George W. Bush

-- Doctors and Police Join National Protest Wave

-- Transport Workers Paralyzed the Country last week

-- Narco News Announces LIVE FROM THE ANDES coverage to begin this week as
we move the newsroom to South Am�rica