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If you're in the market for a credit card, get on the Internet and check out the hundreds of online credit card deals available. So many options exist that it's in your best interest to do a little research so you can get the most out of your credit card. Get a low interest credit card with no annual fee if you qualify. There's no reason to give the credit card companies any more money than you have to.

Find a site that has an online credit card application and can approve you instantly. You'll have to be willing to give them your personal information. If you're more comfortable using the telephone, many companies will let you give your credit card application over the phone. Other banks offer online only applications.

If you have poor credit or no credit at all then get an online credit card that will help you to build good credit. You may need to pay for a secured credit card for a short period of time while you show that you're a good risk. A secured mastercard or visa credit card will generally have a higher interest rate and may require a deposit. After six months or so of paying your minimum balance on time you will be able to qualify for an unsecured, low interest credit card.

Some credit card clearinghouses offer information about many different cards and also have tools to help with payment calculations. They offer competitive credit card rates and also contain all kinds of personal finance information, free credit reports as well as home loans, debt consolidation and car loans.

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The Beginning of Prohibition
The Beginning of Marijuana Prohibition - by Al Gilmore, reprinted from the Constitutional Patriots Opposing Prohibition mailing list.

DrugSense Focus Alert, May 23rd, 2023 - Taliban's Tyranny No Problem For Anti-Drug Aid
Taliban's Tyranny No Problem For Anti-Drug Aid ------- PLEASE COPY AND DISTRIBUTE -------

Press Release: UK Politician to Seek Arrest of Possession of Cannabs
A North West Euro-MP is planning to seek arrest for possession of cannabis in a protest aimed at supporting the imprisoned owner of Britain's first Dutch-style 'coffee shop'. Editor's NoteTo the UK's 50,000 arrests for possession of cannabis last year, the US had 646,042 arrests for simple possession. May the US politicans that support drug reform go to just as great lengths on behalf of their cannabis supporting constituents.

The Stones We Throw Have Now Become Bullets
I have been visiting pages of the pro-family, anti-drug user sites. They think marijuana legalization will be bad for the family. What about the family of Tom Crosslin? What about Rolland's son? Was the prohibition of marijuana good for their families? Did these men deserve to die? What gives these groups the idea that people deserve to be punished for their use of marijuana? From the Bible? No indeed. Do they care? That remains to be seen.

The War Prayer
Mark Twain apparently dictated "The War Prayer" around 1904-05; it was found after his death among his unpublished manuscripts. The actual prayer is also sometimes seen in poem form.)

Drug Courts -
Instead of the search for truth and justice, judges and prosecutors now claim to possess the ability to define
the use (all use) of certain drugs as a "disease", - albeit still illegal - while compelling something called "treatment", (President Bush calls it "coerced abstinence".) Isn't it illegal to practice medicine without a license?

God and Ganja
There is no need to search the Bible for mention of cannabis or its use to attack the prohibition of marijuana from a biblical perspective (Re: Letters, "Rev. Pothead," March 15-21).