Being Right - Has the Quest Been Forsaken? by jini

It never fails to amaze me how little some people care about being right or doing the right thing. For those in the secular world, there are a plethora of right choices given for any situation so they are not the source of my frustration. They are not bound to righteousness, thus their decisions do not have to be right. For Christians though, the requirements are different. Those that call themselves disciples of Jesus Christ should care about being right and doing the right thing. No longer are they to follow their human impulses, but are to yield to the will of their master. When the Christian is uncertain or in a difficult situation he or she should turn to the Bible to make their mind and way clear. The Bible is not a mysterious book that has been made difficult to understand, to leave them floundering about this world in ignorance. Quite the contrary, it provides clear answers for any situation that we may face. The trouble is I guess, that few like the answers that the Bible gives. God's word is no less clear on the issue of cannabis use. Most that refer to themselves as Christian assume that they are right concerning the support of marijuana prohibition. Few seem to care or are even willing to consider the possibility that they may be wrong. It is simple enough to find out though. While we may not find the direct question being posed within God's word, other questions can be asked that can point us in the right direction.

  • Is God fallible? - Deuteronomy 32:3-5
  • Did God create the plant? - Genesis 1:11-13, 29-31
  • Does he know what he is doing or is he a doddering old fool that is clueless as to the special properties that the cannabis plant has? - Jeremiah 10:12
  • Are we to judge? - Luke 6:37, Romans 2:1
  • Are we to judge people for what they consume? - Matthew 15:16-20, Colossians 2:16
  • Should we punish people who have done us no harm? - Proverbs 3:29
  • Should we support laws that do? - Zechariah 8:16-17, Isaiah 1:16-17
  • What about the children? - Proverbs 22:6, Matthew 10:37, Hebrews 11:17, John 3:16,
  • Do we have to understand or agree to do the right thing? - Isaiah 55:7-9, Romans 3:4
  • And this list could go on and on. The issue can be summed up even more easily, by following the second greatest commandment - "love your neighbor as yourself". If you are doing something that someone else does not agree with, do you want them to propose a law to track you down, arrest and incarcerate you? Do you want them to seize your family, cause you to lose your job and destroy your life? Do you want them to demand a higher penalty for your activity than what God demands? From a scriptural point of view, which is supposed to be the primary point of view for the disciple of Jesus Christ and child of God, there is no reason for the Christian support of marijuana prohibition. Yet so many choose to remain in error. They zealously believe that people should be punished for activities that they themselves are barely aware of. They presume to have the right to be busybodies and harass and harm those that do not live by their man made moral standards. Let us all thank God, that that these are not the ones that we are accountable to.

    Copyright 2002