Christians For Cannabis Update by Editor

The feedback ChristiansForCannabis has received has been heart touching and encouraging. We definitely know we are no longer alone in the sharing of the belief that the criminalization of marijuana does not have God's stamp of approval on it. From regular tokers to church goers that haven't the slightest clue as to what a marijuana plant looks like, it is obvious that the solution, criminalizaiton, to the problem of marijuana use, has bore little else but bad fruit.

After numerous attempts to contact various Christian organizations, Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson, In Touch Ministries with Dr. Charles Stanley, CornerStone magazine � the leading alternative Christian magazine, various local churches and radio stations, in addition to my own former Vineyard pastor, it is evident that organized religion still does not want to hear that we are out here. My letters and emails were ignored by most, the responses from Focus on the Family and In Touch Ministries are available upon request.

On one Christian discussion board, CrossWalk, I have been banned and will only be allowed to come back if I refrain from discussing legalization, this in spite of a number of positive responses, including a virtual hug from a user named pecan pie. The emails concerning my banning, as well as the transcripts from the discussion are also available upon request.

To their credit, CrossWalk has not deleted ChristiansForCannabis from their directory, so if you do a search for cannabis on CrossWalk we are still there. On the other hand, we were deleted from the Official Jon Cox site, which really surprised me.

Another letter that will be going out this week that will include your feedback to some of the ministries mentioned earlier and a number of new ones. Many may view this as an exercise in futility, but the effort must be made. The letter will be posted upon completion and we will post responses if and when they come in.

In the meantime, ChristiansForCannabis will be going through some changes. Cosmetic changes as you can tell have already begun, but we are also looking to become more informative in content. Thus we are looking for regular correspondents to contribute on the topics of industrial and agricultural uses of hemp, racial bias and medical marijuana.

Thank you for your patience as this site and this project develops. Your comments are welcome, your suggestions needed, so please do not hesitate to leave feedback. God bless...

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