Stock your cupboards with specialty coffee and tea from around the world!

If you're someone who appreciates a cup of quality coffee or tea in the morning - check out to fill that first cup of the day.

Ever since people rediscovered fresh roasted coffee about a decade ago it's hard to find powdered coffee sitting on most people's shelves. Many mail order coffee and tea sites on the Internet offer a variety that you may not find at your local super market or coffee shop.

From Kenya to Columbia, Ethiopia to Jamaica, you can buy coffee from all over the world on the Internet. Coffees include: French Roast, Kona, after dinner, breakfast and espresso blends to name a few. If you like flavored coffee try hazelnut, almond, vanilla or white chocolate macadamia. Many companies sell different blends of organic coffee or Swiss water process decaffeinated beans. The options are so plentiful that you might just consider a "coffee of the month" club so you never have to worry about running out.

So, If you've become accustomed to a strong cup of coffee or tea each day it is now easy to stock your cupboards with coffees and teas from all over the world.

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Column - Coming Out of the Closet
Editor's note -
It takes courage to admit to consuming cannabis. The risk of losing all we love and own, tends to discourage the practice. Slowly, but surely, people are growing tired. Tired of wearing the criminal label. Tired of living in pain. Tired of living in fear. The following is the first of what is hoped to be many contributions to this column.

NarcoNews Bulletin Issue #16: Live Reports From The Andes; & Blockades Renewed

December 3, 2023Please Distribute Widely

Dear Colleagues,

The hard news from Bolivia is still not reported by the US press...

-- Blockades Begin Anew on Tuesday

-- The Chapare Region is Occupied by 4,000 Troops

-- Bolivian Prez Quiroga is in DC, will Meet Thurday With George W. Bush

-- Doctors and Police Join National Protest Wave

-- Transport Workers Paralyzed the Country last week

-- Narco News Announces LIVE FROM THE ANDES coverage to begin this week as
we move the newsroom to South Am�rica

Guest Editorial - A Christian's Duty and the War on Drugs
In waging the Drug War we are arresting and imprisoning the adult sons and daughters that the Drug War is supposed to be protecting, and in the process we are creating legions of socially dysfunctional outcasts whom we will have to deal with in the future.

Report on the State of the Art
Mr. Schimelfenig posted this report on MapTalk, the mailing list for MAP, Inc. He graciously consented to it being posted here.

The Media Awareness Project is one of the most effective organizations of the legalization movement. Unlike most organizations, the leadership of MAP is visible involved and accessible.

Being Right - Has the Quest Been Forsaken?